Harriet Jisa - Selected Publications#

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3. Jisa, H. & Viguié, A. 2005. A developmental perspective on the role of 'on' in written and spoken expository texts in French. Journal of Pragmatics, 37: 125-142.

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6. Jisa, H., Chenu, F., Fekete, G. & Omar, H. 2010. Promoting patients in narrative discourse: A developmental perspective. In Kail, M. & Hickmann, M., eds. Language acquisition across linguistic and cognitive systems. John Benjamins., 161-177.

7. Palandre, A., Fayol, M. & Jisa, H., 2012, Information Flow across Modalities and Text Types, in Past, present, and future contributions of cognitive writing research to cognitive psychology, Berninger, V. (ed), Psychology Press/Taylor Francis Group, 423-437.

8. Mazur-Palandre A. & Jisa, H. (2012). La complexité lexicale des syntagmes nominaux : Une étude développementale. Enfance, 4,359-371.

9. Jisa, H. 2014. Children’s development of written discourse. In Brooks, Patricia & Kempe, Vera, eds. Encyclopedia of language development. Thousand Oaks, CQ : Sage Publications, 682-685.

10. Maggio, S., Chenu, F. Bes de Berc, G., Pesci, B., Lété, B. Jisa, H. & Fayol, M. 2015. Producing written noun phrases in French. Written language and literacy, 18, 1-24.
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