Stefan Jentsch - Selected publications#

  • Lu, K., Psakhye, I., and Jentsch, S. (2014), “Autophagic clearance of polyQ proteins mediated by ubiquitin-Atg8 adaptors of the conserved CUET protein family”, Cell 158, 549-563.
  • Stingele, J., Schwarz, M.S., Bloemeke, N., Wolf, P.G., and Jentsch, S. (2014), “A DNA-dependent protease involved in DNA-protein crosslink repair”, Cell 158, 327-338.
  • Ammon, T., Mishra, S.K., Kowalska, K., Popowicz, G.M., Holak, T.A., and Jentsch, S. (2014), „The conserved ubiquitin-like protein Hub1 plays a critical role in splicing in human cells”, J. Mol. Cell Biol. 6, 312-323.
  • Gonzalez-Huici, V., Szakal, B., Urulangodi, M., Psakhye, I., Castellucci, F., Menolfi, D., Rajakumara, E., Fumasoni, M., Bermejo, R., Jentsch, S., and Branzei, D. (2014), “DNA bending facilitates the error-free DNA damage tolerance pathway and upholds genome integrity”, EMBO J. 33, 327-340.
  • Bergink, S., Ammon, T., Kern, M., Schermelleh, L., Leonhardt, H., and Jentsch, S. (2013), “Role of Cdc48/p97 as a SUMO-targeted segregase curbing Rad51-Rad52 interaction”, Nat. Cell Biol. 15, 526-532.
  • Renkawitz, J., Lademann, C.A., Kalocsay, M., and Jentsch, S. (2013), “Monitoring homology search during DNA double-strand breakrepair in vivo”, Mol. Cell 50, 261-272.
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