Hugh Jenkyns - Biography#

Hugh Jenkyns has more than 40 years research experience focused on the palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology of Jurassic and Cretaceous marine sediments from many different parts of the world. His fields of expertise range across geochemistry (Li, C, N, O, S, Ca, Fe, Zn, Sr, Nd, Os, Mo, U isotopes), sedimentology and stratigraphy. Research highlights include pioneering work on the causes and consequences of ‘oceanic anoxic events’ (a term coined in a joint paper published in 1976), the application of chemostratigraphy (particularly carbon-isotope stratigraphy and strontium-isotope stratigraphy) to understanding Mesozoic palaeoceanography, the origin of guyots (drowned carbonate platforms) in relation to Pacific Plate movement and passage through lethal palaeo-equatorial waters, and the first palaeotemperatures from the Cretaceous of the Arctic Ocean. He has considerable experience of DSDP and IODP science, both shore-based and at sea (Legs 33, 61, 143).

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