Cecilia Jarlskog - Selected publications#

  • Ambiguities pertaining to quark-lepton complementarity hep-ph/0507212, to appear in Phys. Lett. B
  • A recursive parameterisation of unitary matrices math-ph/0504049, to appear in Jour. Math. Phys.
  • A comment on the lepton mixing matrix hep-ph/0504012 (internal report)
  • The quark mixing matrix with manifest Cabibbo substructure and an angle of the unitarity triangle as one of its parameters Phys.Lett. B615 (2005) 207-212 (hep-ph/0503199)
  • Invariants of Lepton Mass Matrices and CP and T Violation in Neutrino Oscillations Phys.Lett. B609 (2005) 323-329 (hep-ph/0412288)

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