Alvin Jackson - Major Publications#

2014. The Oxford Handbook to Modern Irish History (Oxford University Press: March 2014). ISBN 978-0-19-954934-4 (Hardback) and also e-version. pp.xiv, 786.

2013 (first edition: 2012). The Two Unions: Ireland, Scotland and the Survival of the United Kingdom, 1707-2007. (Oxford University Press: 2012). ISBN 978-0-19-959399-6 (Hardback) and ISBN 978-0-19-967537-1 (Paperback). pp. xvi, 468. Short-listed both for the Ewart-Biggs Literary Prize (2013) and the Saltire Prize (Scottish History) (2012). Many reviews including English Historical Review: "In this lucid, powerfully argued and often witty book, Alvin Jackson sets out to compare systematically the genesis, complex histories and contrasting fortunes of the Anglo-Scottish and Anglo-Irish unions. Nobody has matched the ambition, scope and indeed mastery of this work. A summary does scant justice to the complexity and richness of Jackson's arguments and anatomisation of the two unions. This is a book based on considerable original research and a talent for synthesis and assimilation of a voluminous secondary literature. It sets an agenda for thinking about the union and unionisms. Politicians at Westminster may well wish to read this book, and ponder hard." (Bob Harris). Also - Irish Historical Studies: "in this distinguished book ... Jackson sets out to provide a rigorous comparative treatment of the Irish and Scottish experience of union, and to explain why both have endured, if only partly in the Irish case. The result is a richly textured work by a historian at the top of his game. Jackson's command of the historiographical debates pertaining to a daunting range of periods and issues in the history of the two unions, and his lucidly argued judgements and insights combine to put this book in a pole position in the area of comparative historical studies concerning these islands. It is a book that could hardly have been timelier .." (Graham Walker)

2010 (first edition: 1999). Ireland 1798-1998: Politics and War (Blackwell, 1999). ISBN 0-631-19541-6 (HB); ISBN-0631-19542-4 (PB); pp.520. Short-listed for the Ewart-Biggs Literary Prize (1999-2000). Second (enlarged) edition as Ireland, 1798-1998: War, Peace and Beyond (Wiley-Blackwell: 2010), pp.xii, 544. Many reviews including History: "every serious student of Irish history should read this work ... Jackson's measured and ironic approach is a breath of fresh air. This book confirms his position in the leading rank of Irish historians" (Michael Hopkinson). Also - New Hibernian Review: "this is an outstanding book" (Lawrence McBride).

2004 (first edition: 2003). Home Rule: An Irish History, 1800-2000 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2003). ISBN 0184212-724-1; pp.x + 405. This was published as a Phoenix paperback in April 2004, and published in the USA by Oxford University Press New York. Many reviews including The Guardian: "This is a fascinating work of historiography ... a remarkably, original and very readable work of scholarship and interpretation of 200 years of Irish history" (Garret Fitz Gerald, former Irish prime minister). Also - Daily Telegraph: "Alvin Jackson is an elegant and witty writer with a sharp eye for irony ... the reader who wishes to know more about the political connections that have bound Britain and Ireland together over two centuries could hardly find a better guide than this superlative study" (CDC Armstrong).

1997. ’British Ireland: What if Home Rule had been enacted in 1912?’ in Niall Ferguson (ed.), Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals (London, 1997)

1995. Colonel Edward Saunderson: Land and Loyalty in Victorian Ireland (Oxford University Press: 1995). ISBN 0-19-820948-1, pp.viii, 276. Many reviews including Victorian Studies: "With the publication of...Colonel Edward Saunderson, Jackson solidifies his status as one of the brightest young stars of modern Irish politics and biography". Also - American Historical Review: " ... he has written more than a biography of Saunderson. He has crafted a detailed study of the complex relationships in modern British politics between one person's social and intellectual environment and that person's political values and attitudes. In the process, he has rescued a powerful figure from the past".

1992. ’Unionist Myths, 1912-85’ in Past & Present (Aug., 1992)

1990. ’Unionist Politics and Protestant Society in Edwardian Ireland’ in Historical Journal, 33, 4 (1990)

1989. The Ulster Party: Irish Unionists in the House of Commons, 1884-1911, Oxford Historical Monographs (Oxford University Press: 1989). ISBN 0-19-822288-2, pp. x, 359. Winner of the 1990 American Committee on Irish Studies prize for a Best First Book in Irish Studies. Many reviews including Times Literary Supplement: "Alvin Jackson's masterly study ... is based on an impressively wide range of sources, the scholarship is exact, the weighing of evidence meticulous, the analysis sharp and full of nuance, and the writing is clear and elegant throughout. In sum this is a work of sustained excellence, and an important contribution to both Irish and British political history" (Gearoid O Tuathaigh).
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