Massimo Inguscio - Selected publications#

1. Delocalization of a disordered bosonic system by repulsive interactions
B. Deissler, M. Zaccanti, G. Roati, C. D'Errico, M. Fattori, M. Modugno, G. Modugno, M. I.
NATURE PHYSICS 6, 354 (2010). (IF 18.43, 43 citations).

2. Observation of an Efimov spectrum in an atomic system
M. Zaccanti, B. Deissler, C. D'Errico, M. Fattori, M. Jona-Lasinio, S. Muller, G. Roati, M. I., G. Modugno
NATURE PHYSICS 5, 586 (2009). (IF 18.43, 90 citations).

3. Anderson localization of a non-interacting Bose-Einstein condensate
G. Roati, C. D'Errico, L. Fallani, M. Fattori, C. Fort, M. Zaccanti, G. Modugno, M. Modugno, M. I.
NATURE 453, 895 (2008). (IF 36.10, 279 citations).

4. Double species Bose-Einstein condensate with tunable interspecies interactions
G. Thalhammer, G. Barontini, L. De Sarlo, J. Catani, F. Minardi, M. I.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 100, 210402 (2008). (IF 7.62, 93 citations).

5. Ultracold Atoms in a Disordered Crystal of Light: Towards a Bose Glass
L. Fallani, J. E. Lye, V. Guarrera, C. Fort, M. I.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 98, 130404 (2007). (IF 7.62, 160 citations).

6. Effect of optical disorder and single defects on the expansion of a BEC in a 1D waveguide
C. Fort, L. Fallani, V. Guarrera, J. E. Lye, M. Modugno, D. Wiersma, M. I.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 95, 170410 (2005). (IF 7.62, 175 citations).

7. Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Random Potential
J. E. Lye, L. Fallani, M. Modugno, D. S. Wiersma, C. Fort, M. I.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 95, 070401 (2005). (IF 7.62, 201 citations).

8. Collapse of a Degenerate Fermi Gas
G. Modugno, G. Roati, F. Riboli, F. Ferlaino, R. J. Brecha, M. I.
SCIENCE 297, 2240 (2002). (IF 31.38, 235 citations).

9. Bose-Einstein Condensation of Potassium Atoms by Sympathetic Cooling
G. Modugno, G. Ferrari, G. Roati, R. J. Brecha, A. Simoni, M. I.
SCIENCE 294, 1320 (2001). (IF 31.38, 226 citations).

10. Josephson Junctions Arrays with Bose-Einstein Condensates
F. S. Cataliotti, S. Burger, C. Fort, P. Maddaloni, F. Minardi, A. Trombettoni, A. Smerzi, M. I.
SCIENCE 293, 843 (2001). (IF 31.38, 519 citations).
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