Joseph Octave Indekeu - Publications#

At present the candidate's h-index is 29 (Web of Science), # publications 159 (Web of Science), # citations 4084 (Web of Science).

Selected 10 major publications [#citations, journal impact factor 2012]:

Xu, XM; Vereecke, G; Chen, C; Pourtois, G; Armini, S; Verellen, N; Tsai, WK; Kim, DW; Lee, E; Lin, CY; Van Dorpe, P; Struyf, H; Holsteyns, F; Moshchalkov, V; Indekeu, J; De Gendt, S, "Capturing Wetting States in Nanopatterned Silicon", ACS NANO 8, 885-893 (2014) [20 citations; Impact factor: 12.1]

V. Kozhevnikov, A. Suter, H. Fritzsche, V. Gladilin, A. Volodin, T. Moorkens, M. Trekels, J. Cuppens, B. Wojek, T. Prokscha, E. Morenzoni, G. J. Nieuwenhuys, M. J. Van Bael, K. Temst, C. Van Haesendonck, J. O. Indekeu, “Nonlocal effect and dimensions of Cooper pairs measured by low-energy muons and polarized neutrons in type-I superconductors”, Physical Review B 87, 104508 (March 2013) [2 citations; IF 3.8].

K. Koga, J.O. Indekeu and B. Widom, "Infinite-Order Transitions in Density-Functional Models of Wetting", Physical Review Letters 104, 036101 (2010) [10 citations; IF 7.9]

Daniel Bonn, Jens Eggers, Joseph Indekeu, Jacques Meunier and Etienne Rolley, “Wetting and spreading”, Reviews of Modern Physics 81, 739 (2009). [1042 citations; IF 45.0]

André A. Moreira, José S. Andrade Jr., Hans J. Herrmann and Joseph O. Indekeu, “How to make a fragile network robust and vice versa”, Physical Review Letters 102, 018701 (2009). [46 citations; IF 7.9]

Y. Hennequin, D.G.A.L. Aarts, J.O. Indekeu, H.N.W. Lekkerkerker en D. Bonn, “Fluctuation forces and wetting layers in colloid-polymer mixtures”, Physical Review Letters 100, 178305 (2008). [23 citations; IF 7.9]

K. Ragil, J. Meunier, D. Broseta, J.O. Indekeu, and D. Bonn, “Experimental observation of critical wetting”, Physical Review Letters 77, 1532-1535 (1996). [147 citations; IF 7.9]

J.O. Indekeu and J.M.J. van Leeuwen, “Interface delocalization transition in type-I superconductors”, Physical Review Letters 75, 1618-1621 (1995). [33 citations; IF 7.9]

J.O. Indekeu, “Line tension near the wetting transition: results from an interface displacement model”, Physica A 183, 439-461 (1992). [132 citations; IF 1.7]

J.O. Indekeu, A. Maritan and A.L. Stella, “Renormalization group recursions by mean-field approximations”, Journal of Physics A 15, L291-297 (1982). [125 citations; IF 1.8]
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