Selected Publications#

M.D. Ilic and J. Zaborszky. Dynamics and Control of Large Electric Power Systems. May 2000. (900 pages; 406 GSC-Google Scholar citations)

F.D. Galiana and M.D. Ilic. Framework and methods for the analysis of bilateral transactions. In

Electric Power Systems Restructuring: Engineering and Economics, pages 108–128. Kluwer Academic

Publishers, 1998. (2 editions). (657 GSC )

Ilic, M. D., Xie, L., Khan, U. A., & Moura, J. M. (2010). Modeling of future cyber–physical energy systems for distributed sensing and control. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics-Part A: Systems and Humans, 40(4), 825-838. (271 GSC)

Rotering, N., & Ilic, M. (2010). Optimal charge control of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in deregulated electricity markets. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 26(3), 1021-1029. (649 GCS)

Verzijlbergh, R. A., Grond, M. O., Lukszo, Z., Slootweg, J. G., & Ilic, M. D. (2012). Network impacts and cost savings of controlled EV charging. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 3(3), 1203-1212. (167 GCS)

Li, Qiao, Tao Cui, Yang Weng, Rohit Negi, Franz Franchetti, and Marija D. Ilic. "An information-theoretic approach to PMU placement in electric power systems." IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 4, no. 1 (2012): 446-456. (120 GSC)

Ilic, Marija D. "Toward a unified modeling and control for sustainable and resilient electric energy systems." Foundations and Trends® in Electric Energy Systems 1.1-2 (2016): 1-141.

Ilic, M., & Jaddivada, R. (2019). Introducing DyMonDS-as-a-Service (DyMaaS) for Internet of Things. In 2019 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC) (pp. 1-9). IEEE.

Jaddivada, Rupamathi, Sruthi Davuluri, Magnus Korpaas, and Marija Ilic. "Recursive Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Radial Network Systems." In 2019 8th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO), pp. 1-4. IEEE, 2019.

Ilic, Marija, and Rupamathi Jaddivada. "Unified value-based feedback, optimization and risk management in complex electric energy systems." Optimization and Engineering (2020): 1-57.

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