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Graham Hutchings' 672 publications have received over 20,000 citations, leading to an h index of 65.

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Major publications

1. G.J. Hutchings, Vapour phase hydrochlorination of acetylene: Correlation of catalytic activity of supported metal chloride catalysts, J. Catal., 96 (1985) 292. Times cited: 118

2. S.E. Colley, R.G. Copperthwaite, G.J. Hutchings, S.P. Terblanch and M.M. Thackaray,
Identification of body-centred cubic cobalt and its importance in CO hydrogenation, Nature, 339 (1989) 129,
Times cited: 22

3. J.S.J. Hargreaves, G.J. Hutchings and R.W. Joyner,
Control of product selectivity in the partial oxidation of methane, Nature, 348 (1990) 428.
Times cited: 47

4. G.J. Hutchings, A. Desmartin Chomel, R. Olier and J .C. Volta,
Role of the product in the transformation of a catalyst to its active site, Nature, 368 (1994) 41.
Times cited: 146

5. G.J. Hutchings, C.S. Heneghan, I.D. Hudson and S.I-1. Taylor,
Uranium-oxide-based catalysts for the destruction of chloro-organic compounds, Nature, 384 (1996) 341.
Times cited: 119

6. M.D. Hughes, Y.—J. Xu,; P. Jenkins, P. McMorn, P.Landon, D.I. Enache, A.F. Carley, G.A. Attard, G.J. Hutchings, F. King, E.H. Stitt, P. Johnston, K. Griffin and C.J. Kiely,
Tunable gold catalysts for selective hydrocarbon oxidation under mild conditions, Nature, 437 (2005) 1132.
Times cited: 226

7. D.I Enache, J. K. Edwards, P. Landon, B. Solsona-Espriu, A. F. Carley, A. A. Herzing, M. Watanabe, C. J. Kiely, D. W. Knight and G. J. Hutchings,
Solvent-free oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes using titania-supported gold-palladium catalysts, Science, 311 (2006) 362.
Times cited: 317

8. M. Conte, G. Budroni, J. K. Bartley, S. H. Taylor, A. F. Carley, A. Schmidt, D. M. Murphy, F. Girgsdies, T. Kessler, R. Schlogl, and G. J. Hutchings
Chemically Induced Fast Solid State Transitions of to-VOPO., in Vanadium Phosphate Catalysts, Science, 313 (2006) 1270.
Times cited: 16

9. Andrew A. Herzing, Christopher J. Kiely, Albert F. Carley, Philip Landon and Graham J. Hutchings
Identification of Active Gold Nanoclusters on Iron Oxide Supports for CO Oxidation, Science, 321 (2008) 1331.
Times cited: 104

10. J. K. Edwards, B. Solsona, Edwin Ntainjua N, A. F. Carley, A. A. Herzing, C. J. Kiely and G. J. Hutchings,
Switching-off Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrogenation in the Direct Synthesis Process, Science 323 (2009) 1037.
Times cited: 21

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