Lászlò Hunyady - Selected publications#

1. Balla A, Toth D, Soltesz-Katona E, Szakadati G, Erdelyi LS, Varnai P, Hunyady L.: Mapping of the localization of type I angiotensin receptor in membrane microdomains using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer-based sensors. J. Biol. Chem. 287: 9090-9099, (2012).

2. Szekeres, M.; Nádasy, G.L.; Turu, G.; Soltész-Katona, E.; Tóth, Z.E.; Balla, A.; Catt, K.J.; Hunyady, L.: Angiotensin II Induces Vascular Endocannabinoid Release, Which Attenuates Its Vasoconstrictor Effect via CB1 Cannabinoid Receptors. J. Biol. Chem. 287:31540-31550, (2012).

3. Balla A, Erdelyi LS, Soltesz-Katona E, Balla T, Varnai P, Hunyady L.: Demonstration of angiotensin II-induced Ras activation in the trans-Golgi network and the endoplasmic reticulum using BRET-based biosensors. J. Biol. Chem. 286: 5319-5327 (2011).

4. Lazary, J.; Juhasz, G.; Hunyady, L. Bagdy, G.: Personalized medicine can pave the way for the safe use of CB1 receptor antagonists. Trends Pharmacol. Sci. 32:270-280, (2011).

5. Turu, G.; Várnai, P.; Gyombolai, P, ; Szidonya, L.; Offertaler, L.; Bagdy, G.; Kunos, G.; Hunyady, L.: Paracrine transactivation of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor by AT1 angiotensin and other Gq/11-coupled receptors. J. Biol. Chem. 284: 16914-21 (2009).

6. Várnai, P.; Hunyady, L.; Balla, T.: STIM and Orai, the long-awaited constituents of store-operated calcium entry. Trends Pharmacol. Sci. 30: 118-28. (2009).

7. Turu, G.; Simon, A.; Gyombolai, P, ; Szidonya, L.; Bagdy, G.; Lenkei, Z.; Hunyady, L.: The role of diacylgycerol lipase in constitutive and angiotensin AT1 receptor-stimulated cannabinoid CB1 receptor activity. J. Biol. Chem. 282: 7753-7 (2007).

8. Hunyady, L.; Catt, K.J.: Pleiotropic AT1 receptor signaling pathways mediating physiological and pathogenic actions of angiotensin II. Mol. Endocrinol. 20, 2006, 953-70.

9. Spät, A.; Hunyady, L.: Control of Aldosterone Secretion: A Model for Convergence in Cellular Signaling Pathways. Physiol. Rev. 84: 489-539 (2004).

10. Wei, H.; Ahn, S.; Shenoy, S. K.; Karnik, S. S.; Hunyady, L.; Luttrell, L. M.; Lefkowitz, R. J.: Independent ß-arrestin2 and G protein mediated pathways for angiotensin activation of ERK1/2. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100: 10782-7 (2003).
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