Bengt Karl Gustaf Hultqvist - Curriculum vitae#

Born on August 21, 1927 in Hemmesjö, County of Kronoberg, Sweden. Married.

Academic degrees:
  • bachelor (fil.kand.) and master (fil.mag.) of science at the University of Stockholm in 1951
  • Ph.D. (fil.lic.) at the same university in 1954
  • Dr. Sci. (fil.dr.) and Docent in physics at the same university in 1956
  • Dr. Technology Honoris Causa at the Technical university of Luleå in 1993.

Positions held:
  • teaching assistent in mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology, 1950-51
  • staff member of the Institute of Radiophysics Stockholm 1951-56
  • director of Kiruna Geophysical Observatory of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science 1956-73
  • director of Kiruna Geophysical Institute (governmental research institute) 1973-87
  • director Swedish Institute of Space Physics 1987-1994
  • professor in geocosmophysics at the University of Umeå 1967-1973
  • professor in geocosmophysics at Kiruna Geophysical Institute 1973-87
  • professor in space physics at Swedish Institute of space physics 1987-94 (emeritus 1994)
  • director of the International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland 1995 – 1999
  • secretary general of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) 2001-2009.


as Chairman of
  • the Subgroup for Scientific Projects of the Scientific and Technical Working Group, Preparatory Commission for European Space Research (COPERS) 1962
  • the Scientific Working Group on the Ionosphere and Aurora of COPERS 1962-64
  • the ESRO Working Group on the Ionosphere and Aurora 1964-67
  • Swedish Space Research Committee of the national research councils 1970-72
  • Science Committee of the Swedish Board for Space Activities/Swedish National Space Board 1972 – 94
  • Joint IAGA-URSI Working Group on the Auroral Oval and its Extension into Space, 1974-78
  • Board of Keltronics AB 1982-86
  • the ESRANGE Committee of the Swedish National Space Board 1972 – 1999
  • Commission G (Ionosphere and Radio Propagation) of URSI for 4 years in the 70ies
  • Swedish National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics, 1980–92
  • Section GH (ionosphere, radio propagation and plasma waves) of Swedish National Committee for Radio Science, early seventies to 1994
  • Council of EISCAT Scientific Association, 1987-88
  • Swedish EISCAT Committee 1976-94
  • Space Science Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics 1989-94
  • Nordic Society for Space Research 1989-91
  • (President of) Scientific Committee of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of ICSU 1990-94
  • Academy of Botnia 1993-94
  • Board of Environmental Data Centre in Kiuna 1995-99
  • Space Science Advisory Committee of the European Space Agency 1998-2000
  • Price Committee for the Bartels Medal of the European Geoscience Union 2004-2008
  • and others

as member of committees/boards
  • the Launching Programmes Advisory Committee of ESRO 1968-72
  • Swedish Board for Space Activities 1972-78
  • Board of the Swedish Space Corporation 1972-93
  • The ESRO Council 1964-72
  • The ESRO Scientific and Technical Committee 1964-72
  • Science Programme Committee (SPC) of ESA 1972-1998
  • Board of the Danish Space Research Institute 1978-86
  • Council of EISCAT 1976-94
  • Swedish National Space Board 1993-94
  • Board of Swedish Space Corporation 1994-97
  • (vice chairman) of the Board of the Technical University of Luleå 1994-97
  • Science Advisory Committee of the International Space Science Institute in Bern 2001-2004
  • Price Committee for the Alfvén Medal of the European Geoscience Union 2003-
  • and others

as Editor of
  • Journal of Geophysical Research, Space Physics 1992*96

as member of Editorial Boards of
  • Planetary and Space Science
  • Space Science Reviews
  • Space Science Instruments
  • Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics
  • Indian Journal of Radio and Space Science

  • About 190 articles in scientific journals, conference proceedings and books
  • ‘Introduktion till geokosmofysiken’, Stockholm 1967 (in Swedish)
  • ‘Rymden Vetenskapen och jag, en memoarbok om svensk rymdforskning under efterkrigstiden’, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm 1997 (in Swedish)
  • ‘Space, Science and me’, translation into English of previous title, ESA SP-1269, European Space Agency 2003
  • ‘Kunskapens väg från grundforskning till samhällsutveckling’, Swedish Institute of Space Physics, 2003 (in Swedish)
  • Many conference proceedings (as editor)
  • Monograph on ‘Magnetospheric Plasma Sources and Losses’, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999 (as organizer, main editor and one of the authors)
  • The Solar System and Beyond, Ten Years of ISSI (Johannes Geiss and Bengt Hultqvist, Eds.), ISSI Scientific Report SR-003, 2005

Member of Academies:
  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
  • The Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
  • Academy of Finland
  • The Norwegian Academy of Sciences
  • Royal Astronomical Society
  • International Academy of Astronautics
  • Academy of Botnia
  • Academiae Europaeae
  • The Royal Skyttean Society

  • Knight of the Northern Star, 1965
  • Author prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in1968
  • Wallmark´s research prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1972
  • The Gold Medal of the town of Kiruna, 1984
  • Tsialkovsky Medal for Space Research, 1987
  • “Norrlandsbjörnen” from Norrlandsförbundet, 1988
  • The Grand Gold Medal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences,1988
  • COSPAR Prize for International Cooperation, 1990
  • Fellow of American Geophysical Union, 1990
  • King´s Medal 8th size, 1991
  • Doctor Honoris Causa at Technical University of Luleå, 1993
  • Thulin Medal in gold from Swedish Society for Aero*SpaceTechnology, 1994
  • Honorary Member of EISCAT 1994
  • Honorary Member of the Swedish URSI Committee 1994
  • Berzelius Medal in gold from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1994
  • Julius Bartels Medal from the European Geophys.Soc.1996
  • A ‘Bengt Hultqvist Price’ to be given each year to a student, established in 1997 by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics
  • Hannes Alfvén Medal from the European Geophysical Society, 2002
  • Astronomical observatory in Kiruna named ‘the Bengt Hultqvist Observatory’, 2003
  • Rossby Prize 2004 of the Swedish Geophysical Society
  • Honorary Citizen of the town of Kiruna in 2007.
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