John Hudson - Curriculum Vitae#

EDUCATION: Worcester College, Oxford, 1984-8: D.Phil. 1988: Thesis: 'Legal Aspects of Seignorial Control of Land in the Century after the Norman Conquest.'

  • Professor of Legal History, University of St Andrews, 2003-present
  • William W. Cook Global Law Professor, University of Michigan Law School, 2012-
  • Fellow of the British Academy
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh


ERC Advanced Grant 2017: 2.1 million Euros ‘Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law’


(i) Land, Law, and Lordship in Anglo-Norman England, (Oxford, 1994) [320 pp.]
(Paperback edn., 1997)

(ii) ed. with G. S. Garnett, Law and Government in Mediaeval England and Normandy: Essays in Honour of J.C. Holt, (Cambridge, 1994). [387 pp.]

(iii) The Formation of the English Common Law, (Longmans, 1996). [271 pp.]
(Chinese translation, 2006)

(iv) ed., The History of English Law before the Time of Edward I: essays commemorating the centenary of the publication of 'Pollock and Maitland', (Proceedings of the British Academy, 89, 1996). [288 pp.]

(v) and (vi) The History of Abingdon Abbey, (2 vols; Oxford, 2002, 2007) [533 + 647pp.]

(vii) The Oxford History of the Laws of England, vol. ii, (Oxford, 2012) [980pp.]

(viii) ed. with A. Rodriguez, Diverging Paths? The Shapes of Power and Institutions in Medieval Christendom and Islam (Leiden, 2014). [435pp.]

(ix) ed. with S. Crumplin, ‘The Making of Europe”: Essays in Honour of Robert Bartlett (Leiden, 2016). [319pp.]

(x) The Formation of the English Common Law: Law and Society in England from the King Alfred to Magna Carta, (Routledge, 2017). [234 pp.] (much expanded new edition of (iii) above)

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