Chun-Chieh Huang - Selected Publications#

1. Chun-chieh Huang, Dongya Rujia renxueshi lun 東亞儒家仁學史論 (A Historical Treatise on the Humanity in East Asian Confucianisms) (Taipei: National Taiwan University Press, 2017).

2. *Chun-chieh Huang, East Asian Confucianisms: Texts in Contexts (Goettingen and Taipei: V&R unipress, National Taiwan University Press, 2015); Sloven translation, 2016; Spanish translation, 2017.

3. *Chun-chieh Huang, Jujia sixiang yu Zhongguo lishi siwei 儒家思想與中國歷史思維 (Confucian Thought and Chinese Historical Thinking) (Taipei: National Taiwan University Press, 2014). Japanese translation, 2016. This book won the 3rd National Award for Achievement in Chinese Studies (2018) in PRC.

4. *Chun-chieh Huang, Taiwan in Transformation: Retrospect and Prospect (New Brunswick / London: Transaction Publishers, 2014). This book was used as a textbook at the Navy War College, USA.

5. *Chun-chieh Huang, Dongya ruxue shiyu zhong de Xu Fuguan jiqi sixiang 東亞儒學視域中的徐復觀及其思想(Xu Fuguan in the Context of East Asian Confucianisms) (Taipei: National Taiwan University Press, 2009, 2018 revised & enlarged); French translation, 2015; Japanese translation, 2018; English translation, 2019.

6. Chun-chieh Huang,Humanism in East Asian Confucian Contexts (Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript Verlag, 2010).

7. Chun-chieh Huang, Konfuzianismus: Kontinuität und Entwicklung Studien zur chinesischen Geistesgeschichte, trans. by Stephan Schmidt (Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript Verlag, 2009).

8. Chun-chieh Huang, Intellectual Interaction in East Asia: China, Japan, and Taiwan 東アジア思想交流史──中国‧日本‧台湾を中心として, tr. by Fuji Rinmei et. al. (Tokyo: Iwanami publishing house, 2013).

9. *Chun-chieh Huang, Dongya ruxue: jingdian yu quanshi de bianzheng 東亞儒學:經典與詮釋的辯證 (East Asian Confucianisms: the Classics and Interpretation)(Taipei: National Taiwan University Press, 2007); Japanese translation, 2010; Korean translation, 2009; Vietnamese translation,2012.

10. *Chun-chieh Huang, Sixiangshi shiye zhong de dong ya 思想史視野中的東亞 (Taipei: National Taiwan University Press, 2016); Sloven translation, 2017; Japanese translation, 2018.

*Books with asterisks have been responsible for international recognition in South-East Asia.

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