Juraj Hromkovic#

Short laudatio by Hermann Maurer#

Juraj Hromkovic finished his Ph.D. in Computer Science in Comenius University in 1986, and three years later he completed his habilitation, Doctor of Science degree, as one of the first in Slovakia in computer science. He was elected to the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 2001, but even before that started to serve the Academy as a chairman of the promotion committee granting doctor of science degrees in computer science.

Juraj Hromkovic made his main career in Germany, where he was a professor from 1990 till 2003. First he was a visiting professor in Paderborn (1990-1994), then a full professor for algorithmics and parallel computing in Christian Albrechts University Kiel (1994-1997), and finally a full professor for algorithmics and complexity in RWTH-Aachen (1997-2003). After that he moved to Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) where he obtained a chair position of Information Technology and Education.

Despite of his young age Juraj Hromkovic has been one of the most visible and appreciated theoreticians in computer science in Europe already for more that 20 years. His records as a speaker in the most well-known European theory conferences, such as ICALP (Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming), STACS (Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science) and MFCS (Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science) are brilliant: he has had altogether 29 presentations in these conferences. The research topics of Juraj Hromkovic cover a substantial part of foundations of computer science, ranging from automata theory to different directions of algorithmics and complexity theory, combinatorial structures of computer science and communication complexity. His lower bound techniques applied to automata theory have produced and are still producing fantastic results. His analysis of communication complexity and its applications to different problems are highly appreciated.

Besides fundamental research Juraj Hromkovic has done a remarkable work as an author of books. His books, at least 8 in total numbers not counting translations nor re-editions, range from specialized research monographs to text books intended to students and to general educational books of computer science. His contributions to handbooks of different areas should also be mentioned here. In addition Juraj Hromkovic has been a member of Editorial Board of the book series EATCS Texts and Monographs already for many years, and at the moment he can be viewed as "a driving force" of the board.

The handbook chapter Hromkovic has written cover Formal Languages (Handbook of Formal Languages). Randomized Algorithms (Handbook of Randomized Algorithms), Approximation Algorithms (Handbook of Approximation Algorithms) and Networks (Combinatorial Network Theory).

His fundamental Research Monographs, such as "Communication Complexity and Prallel Computing" and "Algorithmics for Hard Problems" are highly appreciated, as shown e.g. by the fact that the latter has already been twice re-edited and re-published and also translated into Japanese, and of the former special edition for China has been produced. The other category of his books constitutes of books written to the need of undergraduate and graduate students. These cover fundamental parts of the theory education and has been published both in German and English.

In addition to above, Juraj Hromkovic has always shown a great interest to education in computer science, in all levels starting from elementary schools and ending at universities. Indeed, he himself and his group have frequently visited in schools to give lectures and have produced material for computer education in schools. His soon appearing book “Algorithmic Adventures, From Knowledge to Magic" can be viewed as an evidence of such activities. It is indeed intended not only for universities but also for a broader audience.

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