Jonathan C. Howard - Selected publications#


Darwin, Oxford University Press, 1st edn 1982, 2nd edn 2001


  • Lilue J, Müller UB, Steinfeldt T, Howard JC. (2013) Reciprocal virulence and resistance polymorphism in the relationship between Toxoplasma gondii and the house mouse. eLife. 2013 Oct 29;2:e01298. doi: 10.7554/eLife.01298.
  • Springer HM, Schramm M, Taylor GA, Howard JC. (2013) Irgm1 (LRG-47), a regulator of cell-autonomous immunity, does not localize to mycobacterial or listerial phagosomes in IFN-γ-induced mouse cells. J Immunol. Aug 15;191(4):1765-74
  • Momburg F, Ortiz-Navarrete V, Neefjes J, Goulmy E, van de Wal Y, Spits H, Powis SJ, Butcher GW, Howard JC, Walden P, et al. Proteasome subunits encoded by the major histocompatibility complex are not essential for antigen presentation. Nature. 1992 Nov 12;360(6400):174-7.(179)
  • Jameson SC, Tope WD, Tredgett EM, Windle JM, Diamond AG, Howard JC. Cloning and expression of class I major histocompatibility complex genes of the rat. J Exp Med. 1992 Jun 1;175(6):1749-57. (39)
  • Powis SJ, Deverson EV, Coadwell WJ, Ciruela A, Huskisson NS, Smith H, Butcher GW, Howard JC. Effect of polymorphism of an MHC-linked transporter on the peptides assembled in a class I molecule. Nature. 1992 May 21;357(6375):211-5. (285)
  • Jameson SC, Rada C, Lorenzi R, Diamond AG, Butcher GW, Howard JC. Cloning, expression, and evolution of rat classical and nonclassical class I genes. Transplant Proc. 1990 Dec;22(6):2510-1.(3)
  • Rada C, Lorenzi R, Powis SJ, van den Bogaerde J, Parham P, Howard JC. Concerted evolution of class I genes in the major histocompatibility complex of murine rodents. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1990 Mar;87(6):2167-71. (105)
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