Stephen Townley Holgate - Selected publications#

1) Holgate ST, Baldwin CJ, Tattersfield AE. Beta-adrenergic agonist resistance in normal human airways. Lancet. 1977; 2 (8034): 375-7. IF: 38.3, 158 citations.
2) Howarth PH, Durham SR, Lee TH, Kay AB, Church MK, Holgate ST. Influence of albuterol, cromolyn sodium and ipratropium bromide on the airway and circulating mediator responses to allergen bronchial provocation in asthma. American Review of Respiratory Disease 1985; 132: 986-92. IF 11.1, 188 citations.
3) Cushley M J, Tattersfield A E, Holgate S T. Inhaled adenosine and guanosine on airway resistance in normal and asthmatic subjects. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 1983; 15: 161-5. IF: 3.06, 337 citations. (In 2004 this publication was named as one of the Journal’s top 12 cited publications since the Journal was founded)
4) Bradding P, Feather IH, Howarth PH, Mueller R, Roberts JA, Britten KM, Bews JPA, Hunt TC, Okayama Y, Heusser CH, Bullock GR, Church MK, Holgate ST. Interleukin-4 is localised to and released by human mast cells. Journal of Experimental Medicine 1992; 176: 1381-1386. IF: 13.9, 495 citations.
5) Montefort S, Gratziou C, Goulding D, Polosa R, Haskard DO, Howarth PH, Holgate ST*, Carroll MP*. Bronchial biopsy evidence for leukocyte infiltration and upregulation of leukocyte-endothelial cell adhesion molecules 6 hours after local allergen challenge of sensitized asthmatic airways. Journal of Clinical Investigation 1994; 93: 1411-21. IF: 13.1, 191 citations.
6) Beasley R, Roche WR, Roberts JA, Holgate ST. Cellular events in the bronchi in mild asthma and after bronchial provocation. American Review of Respiratory Disease 1989; 139: 806-17. IF: 11.1, 1070 citations
7) Djukanović R, Wilson JW, Britten KM, Wilson SJ, Walls AF, Roche WR, Howarth PH, Holgate ST. Effect of an inhaled corticosteroid on airway inflammation and symptoms in asthma. American Review of Respiratory Disease 1992; 145: 669-74. IF: 11.1, 591 citations.
8) Corne J, Djukanovic R, Thomas L, Warner J, Botta L, Grandordy B, Gygax D, Heusser C, Patalano F, Richardson W, Kilchherr E, Staehelin T, Davis F, Gordon W, Sun L, Liou R, Wang G, Chang TW, Holgate S. The effect of intravenous administration of a chimeric anti-IgE antibody on serum IgE levels in atopic subjects: efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 1997; 99: 879-87. IF: 15.4, 134 citations.
9) Van Eerdewegh P, Little RD, Dupuis J, Del Mastro RG, Falls K, Simon J, Torrey D, Pandit S, McKenny J, Braunschweiger K, Walsh A, Liu Z, Hayward B, Folz C, Manning SP, Bawa A, Saracino L, Thackston M, Benchekroun Y, Capparell N, Wang M, Adair R, Feng Y, Dubois J, FitzGerald MG, Huang H, Gibson R, Allen KM, Pedan A, Danzig MR, Umland SP, Egan RW, Cuss FM, Rorke S, Clough JB, Holloway JW, Holgate ST, Keith TP. Association of the ADAM33 gene with asthma and bronchial hyperresponsiveness. Nature 2002; 418: 426-30. IF: 36.3, 864 citations.
10) Bedke N, Sammut D, Green B, Kehagia V, Dennison P, Jenkins G, Tatler A, Howarth P, Holgate ST, Davies DE. Transforming growth factor-beta promotes rhinovirus replication in bronchial epithelial cells by suppressing the innate immune response. PLos One 2012 Sept 1; 7 (9): e44580. IF 4.4.
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