Elly Hol - Selected Publications#

Scientific metrics: 139 published papers; H-factor: 53 (google scholar) / 42 (web of science); Citations: 8614 (google scholar) / 5675 (web of science); 8 highly cited papers; 26 papers in journal with impact factor>10

van Bodegraven, E.J., van Asperen, J.V., Robe, P.A.J.*, Hol, E.M.* (co-senior authors). Importance of GFAP isoform-specific analyses in astrocytoma. Glia idoi: 10.1002/glia.23594 (2019). IF: 5.856

Böttcher, C., Schlickeiser, S., Sneeboer, M.A.M, Kunkel, D., Knop, A., Paza, E., Fidzinski, P., Kraus, L., Snijders G.J.L., Kahn R.S., Schulz, A.R., Mei, H.E., NBB-Psy, Hol, E.M., Siegmund, B., Glauben, R., Spruth, E.J., de Witte, L.D. and Priller, J. Human microglia regional heterogeneity and phenotypes determined by multiplexed single-cell mass cytometry. Nature Neuroscience 22 (2019) 78-90. 2018. IF 19.912

Ormel. P.R., Vieira de Sá, R., van Bodegraven, E.J., Karst, H., Harschnitz, O., Sneeboer, M.A.M., Johansen, L.E., van Dijk, R.E., Scheefhals, N., MacGillavry, H.D., Kling, S., van den Berg, L.H., Kahn, R.S., Hol, E.M.*, de Witte, L.D.* and Pasterkamp, R.J.* (co-senior authors). Microglia innately develop within cerebral organoids. Nature Communicatons (2018) 9: 4167. IF 12.353

Hillen, A.E.J., Burach, J.P.H., and Hol, E.M. Cell adhesion and matricellular support by astrocytes of the tripartite synapse. Prog Neurobiol 165-167 (2018) 66-86. doi: 10.1016/j.pneurobio.2018.02.002. IF: 14.16

Iorio, R., Damato, V., Evoli, A., Gessi, M., Gaudino, S., Di Lazzaro, V., Spagni, G., Sluijs, J.A., and Hol, E.M. Clinical and immunological characteristics of the spectrum of GFAP autoimmunity: a case series of 21 patients. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 89 (2017) 138-146. IF: 7.144

Stassen, O.M.J.A., van Bodegraven, E.J., Giuliani, F. Moeton, M., Kanski, R., Sluijs, J.A., van Strien, M.E., Kamphuis, W., Robe, P.A.J. and Hol, E.M. GFAPδ/GFAPα ratio directs astrocytoma gene expression towards a more malignant profile. Oncotarget 8 (2017) 88104-88121. IF: 5.168

Moeton, M., Stassen, O.M.J.A., Sluijs, J.A., van der Meer, V., Kluivers, L. J., van Hoorn, H., Schmidt, T., Reits, E.A., van Strien, M.E. and Hol, E.M. GFAP isoforms control intermediate filament network dynamics, cell morphology, and focal adhesions. Cell Mol Life Sci 73 (2016) 121-141. IF: 6.721

Osborn, L.M., Kamphuis, W., Wadman, W.J., and Hol, E.M. Astrogliosis: an integral player in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Prog Neurobiol 144 (2016) 121-141. IF:14.163 (Highly cited)

Pekny, M., Pekna, M., Messing, A., Steinhäuser, C., Lee, J.M., Parpura, V., Hol, E.M., Sofroniew, M.V. and Verkhratsky, A. Astroglial responses as a central element in neurological diseases: towards novel therapeutic targets. Acta Neuropathol 131 (2015) 323-345. IF 15.876 (Highly cited)

Hol, E.M. and Pekny, M. Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and the astrocyte intermediate filament system in diseases of the central nervous system. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 32 (2015) 121-130. IF 10.015 (Highly cited)

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