Wolfgang Hillebrandt - Selected publications#

[1] W. Hillebrandt, K. Nomoto, R.G. Wolff: Supernova explosions of massive stars - The mass range 8 to 10 solar masses, Astron. Astrophys. 133 (1984) 175-184.
(Pioneering work on the lower end of the stellar mass range giving rise to core-collapse supernovae.
Cited about 130 times in the scientific literature, according to the SAO/NASA ADS).

[2] J.C. Niemeyer, W. Hillebrandt: Turbulent Nuclear Flames in Type Ia Supernovae, Astrophys. J. 452 (1995) 769-778.
(Epoch-making work on the physics of the explosions of thermonuclear supernovae. Cited about 120 times).

[3] W. Hillebrandt, J.C. Niemeyer: Type Ia Supernova Explosion Models, Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys 38 (2000) 191-230.
(A major reference on the subject of thermonuclear supernovae since its publication. Cited about 550 times).

[4] M. Reinecke, W. Hillebrandt, J.C. Niemeyer: Three-dimensional simulations of type Ia supernovae Astron. Astrophys. 391 (2002) 1167-1172.
(Marks the start of truly realistic simulations of thermonuclear supernova explosions. Cited over 160

[5] F.S. Kitaura, H.-Th. Janka, W. Hillebrandt: Explosions of O-Ne-Mg cores, the Crab supernova, and subluminous type II-P supernovae, Astron. Astrophys. 450 (2006) 345-350.
(The best explanation to date of the explosion mechanism of this most famous core-collapse supernova. Cited about 260 times).

[6] P.A. Mazzali, F.K. Röpke, S. Benetti, W. Hillebrandt: A Common Explosion Mechanism for Type Ia Supernovae, Sience 315 (2007) 825-828.
(A very important contribution to the explanation of the diversity amongst thermonuclear supernovae. Cited over 150 times).

[7] R. Pakmor, M. Kromer, F.K. Röpke, S. Sim, A. Ruiter, W. Hillebrandt: Sub-luminous type Ia supernovae from the mergers of equal-mass white dwarfs with mass 0.9Msolar, Nature 463 (2010) 61-64.
(This work marks a new epoch in the modeling of the subluminous thermonuclear supernova events. Cited over 100 times).

[8] M. Fink, F.K. Röpke, I. Seitenzahl, W. Hillebrandt, S.A. Sim, M. Kromer: Double-detonation Sub-Chandrasekhar Supernovae: can minimum helium shell masses detonate the core?, Astron. Astrophys. 514 A53 (2010) (10pp).
(A new solution to to the problems posed by the explosion of low-mass white dwarfs.
Cited over 100 times).

[9] A.J. Ruiter, K. Belczynski, S.A. Sim, W. Hillebrandt, C.L. Fryer, M. Fink, M. Kromer: Delay times and rates for Type Ia supernovae and thermonuclear explosions from double-detonation sub-Chandrasekhar mass models, Month. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 417 (2011) 408-419.
(Fundamental work on the statistics of Type Ia supernova events. Cited over 40 times).

[10] W. Hillebrandt, M. Kromer, F.K. Röpke, A.J. Ruiter: Towards an understanding of Type Ia supernovae from a synthesis of theory and observations, Frontiers of Physics 8 (2013) 116-143.
(An excellent review of the present state of the research on thermonuclear supernovae, largely based on the work done by the Garching group, headed by Hillebrandt. Over 20 references to it, barely one year after its publication already).
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