Craig L. Hill - Biography#

Craig L. Hill is one of the foremost experts internationally on transition-metal oxygen anion clusters (polyoxometalates or “POMs”) and his papers have impacted virtually every area of POM science. His prominence is based the diversity of fundamental findings, aggregate citation impact and many seminal papers that have generated at least four subfields of POM science: catalysts for alkane functionalization, selective inhibitors of viral proteins, multifunctional nanostructures, and water oxidation catalysts. His scientific contributions include, but are not limited to, development of the first self-repairing and self-buffering catalysts, elucidation of the extensive and useful photochemistry of POMs, establishment of many of the biological properties of POMs and other clusters (mechanisms of antiviral action and other attributes) and some of the most successful POM-based oxidation catalysts known.

Hill's impact on chemical sciences research in Europe has been substantial as noted by honorary societies and associations (von Humboldt, AAAS, VICS), recently co-advising Ph.D. students in Germany and France, editing one of the main European journals, New Journal of Chemistry, for North America, serving on multiple editorial advisory boards of European journals and giving short courses in several European countries, primarily on catalysis, nanoscience and biology of clusters, including POMs, and solar fuel chemistry.
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