Péter Hegyi - Curriculum Vitae#

DEGREES: Clinical Pharmacologist (2018), Gastroenterologist (2013), Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS, 2011) doctor habilis (2008); internal medicine specialist (2002); Ph.D (2002)

INT. RECOGNITION: President (in 2009) and secretary general (2012-2017) of the European Pancreatic Club, which comprises a membership of more than 500 scientists. In addition, he is also a member of several committees of the European GI Federation (UEG) and the Hungarian GI Society.

PUBL: 194 articles (Hirsch: Index: 35, citation: 4340 in top journals including Physiol Rev, Nat Gen, Gastroenterology, Gut, J Physiol, etc. Importantly, 69 of them were published in the last three years.

STUDENTS: 20 PhD students have graduated from his laboratory from 2008. 17 of them were directly lead by him. Nevertheless, he also had 22 undergraduate project students. They had 69 presentation and won 21 prizes at different student competitions. He helped 45 of his students to secure positions abroad including top Universities and research centres such as the NIH, Harvard, Heidelberg etc.

GRANTS: As a PI, he has already lead 5 international (Wellcome Trust, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Royal Society, EPC, Norway Grants) and 12 national grants (OTKA, HAS, NKFIH). The total grant amount as a PI is: 9,194,080 Euros. He also received the very prestigious MOMENTUM GRANT by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The impact and success of this latter grant is highly acclaimed and recognised also by the international scientific community.

EDITORIALS: He is an associate editor for Acta Physiologica, Frontiers of Physiology, Pancreas, Pancreatology and WJG. In addition, he is regularly asked by Gut, Gastroenterology, J Physiol, Cell Calc for reviewing articles.

INVITED SPEAKER: Number of presentations in international meetings or seminar: 83, including very prestigious invitations such as by NIH (2013) and the Royal Society (2016)

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