Chengzhou He - Selected Publications#

Books in English
  • Henrik Ibsen and Modern Chinese Drama, Oslo Academic Press, Norway, 2004, 320p (monograph in English)
  • ed. Ibsen and Modern China. A special issue of North-West Passage, University of Turin, Italy, 2007 (in English)
  • ed. Representation of the Other: Theory and Practice, University of Goettingen Press, 2009 (in English)

Recent articles in International Journals (peer reviewed):
  • Chengzhou He, "The Wolf Myth and Chinese Environmental Sentimentalism in Wolf Totem," ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 21. 4 (2014), 781-800.
  • Chengzhou He, “Performance and the politics of gender: transgender performance in contemporary Chinese films,” Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 21.5 (2013), 622-636.
  • Chengzhou He, “Trespassing, Crisis and Renewal: Li Yugang and Cross-dressing Performance”, Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, 24.2 (2013),150-171.
  • Chengzhou He, “The Ambiguities of Chineseness and the Dispute Over the Homecoming of Turandot”, Comparative Literature Studies, 49.4 (2012), 547-564.
  • Chengzhou He, “World Drama and Intercultural Performance,” Neohelicon, 38 (2011), 397-409.
  • Chengzhou He, “Interculturalism in Theatre and Chinese Performances of Ibsen,” Ibsen Studies, 9.2 (2009), 118-135.
  • Chengzhou He, “Poetic Wolves and Environmental Imagination: Representation of Wolves in Recent Chinese Literature,” Neohelicon, 36 (2009), 397-410, 2009.
  • Chengzhou He, "Women and the Search for Modernity: Rethinking Modern Chinese Drama," MLQ: Modern Language Quarterly, 69:1 (2008), 45-60.
  • Chengzhou He, “Ibsen’s Men in Trouble, Masculinity and Norwegian Modernity”, Ibsen Studies (Routledge), 8.2 (2008), 134-149.

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