Johannes Haubold - Selected Publications#


2013 Greece and Mesopotamia: Dialogues in Literature. Cambridge: CUP
2010 Iliad 6: A commentary. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics. Cambridge: CUP [jointly with B. Graziosi]
2005 Homer: The Resonance of Epic. London: Duckworth [jointly with B. Graziosi]
2000 [rp 2008] Homer's People: Epic Poetry and Social Formation. Cambridge: CUP.

Edited Volumes

2019 Keeping Watch in Babylon: The Astronomical Diaries in Context. Leiden: Brill [jointly ed. with J. Steele & K. Stevens]
2013 The World of Berossos. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz [jointly ed. with G.B. Lanfranchi, R. Rollinger & J. Steele]
2010 Plato and Hesiod. Oxford: OUP [jointly ed. with G.R. Boys-Stones]


'From text to reading in Enuma elish', Journal of Cuneiform Studies 69 (2017), 221-246
'The Homeric text', Ramus 44 (2015), 1-24 [jointly with B. Graziosi]
'Kulturkontakt aus der Sicht des Homerlesers', in: R. Rollinger & K. Schnegg, Kulturkontakte in antiken Welten: vom Denkmodell zum Fallbeispiel, Leuven 2014, 325-42
'Ethnography in the Iliad', in: M. Skempis & I. Ziogas (eds.) Geography, Topography, Landscape: configurations of Space in Greek and Roman Epic, Berlin 2013, 19-36.
'The Achaemenid Empire and the Sea', Mediterranean Historical Review 27.1 (2012), 5-24
'Greek lyric and early Greek literary history', in: F. Budelmann (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Greek Lyric, Cambridge 2009, 95-113 [jointly with B. Graziosi]
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