S. Majid Hassanizadeh - Selected Publications#

1. General conservation equations for multi-phase systems: 1. Averaging procedure; SM Hassanizadeh, WG Gray; Advances in Water Resources, Vol. 2, pp. 131-144, 1979; 926 citations (Google Scholar, March 2021)
This has become a classic paper. In a series of three papers (together more than 2000 citations), a new rigorous and unified approach, based on combining volume averaging and thermodynamic principles, is developed for deriving macroscale equations for porous media processes.

2. Mechanics and thermodynamics of multiphase flow in porous media including interphase boundaries; SM Hassanizadeh, WG Gray; Advances in Water Resources, Vol. 13, pp. 169-186, 1990; 635 citations
This paper has led to a new paradigm in the modelling of porous media processes. The pioneering work of introducing fluid-fluid specific interfacial area as a new state variable has been one of the few new concepts in century-old theories of two-phase flow. This work has resulted in a huge body of research by mathematician, experimentalists, and numerical modellers.

3. Thermodynamic basis of capillary pressure in porous media; WG Gray, SM Hassanizadeh; Water Resources Research, Vol. 29, pp. 3389-3405, 1993; 743 citations
This paper has become the reference work for physically-based macroscale capillarity theory under non-equilibrium conditions. A large number of researchers have been performing laboratory experiments, pore-scale modeling, and/or mathematical studies of the new dynamic capillary pressure, proposed in this paper, and its ability to model phenomena that cannot be explained by standard two-phase flow theory. They have shown that Majid’s theory can model non-monotonic saturation distributions that are observed during water infiltration into dry soil. His dynamic capillarity equation is now incorporated in many numerical codes.

4. Removal of viruses by soil passage: Overview of modeling, processes, and parameters; JF Schijven, SM Hassanizadeh; Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 30, pp. 49-127, 2000; 621 citations
After 20 years, this paper is still serving as a reference for the study of virus transport in porous media from the laboratory to the field scale. Concepts developed here are being used in the current models of virus and colloid transport.

5. A unifying framework for watershed thermodynamics: balance equations for mass, momentum, energy and entropy, and the second law of thermodynamics; P Reggiani, M Sivapalan, SM Hassanizadeh; Advances in Water Resources, Vol. 22, pp. 367-398, 1998; 226 citations
Majid's average-thermodynamic method of upscaling (see paper # 1 above) was employed in this paper it to develop a new approach for watershed modelling. By introducing the novel concept of Representative Elementary Watershed, this approach allows for physically-based modelling of hillslope processes and stream networks.

6. Reservoir-on-a-Chip (ROC): A new paradigm in reservoir engineering; NSK Gunda, B Bera, NK Karadimitriou, SK Mitra, SM Hassanizadeh; Lab on a Chip, Vol. 11, pp. 3785-3792, 2011; 179 citations
Realizing that theoretical developments must go hand in hand with mathematical modelling and experimental studies, Majid has led efforts to set up a state-of-the-art laboratory and perform experiments over a wide range of scales. In this paper, a novel micromodel setups for advanced visualization and imaging was developed that is now being used in many laboratories.

7. Literature review of low salinity waterflooding from a length and time scale perspective; WB Bartels, H Mahani, S Berg, SM Hassanizadeh; Fuel, Vol. 236, pp. 338-353, 2019; 116 citations
Published two years ago, this paper has attracted a lot of attention as it provides in-depth knowledge of processes behind the oil recovery method of low-salinity waterflooding.

8. Study of multi-phase flow in porous media: comparison of SPH simulations with micro-model experiments; P Kunz, IM Zarikos, NK Karadimitriou, M Huber, U Nieken, SM Hassanizadeh; Transport in Porous Media, Vol. 114, pp. 581-600, 2016; 55 citations
In Majid's research, theory, experiments, and modelling have always gone hand in hand. In this paper, the pore-scale Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic approach is used to simulate their own experiments. He has developed many other pore-scale models.

9. Occurrence and fate of methane leakage from cut and buried abandoned gas wells in the Netherlands; G Schout, J Griffioen, SM Hassanizadeh, GC de Lichtbuer, N Hartog; Science of the Total Environment; Vol. 659, pp. 773-782, 2019; 26 citations
This is an example of field-scale practice-oriented research by Majid. He has many others related to virus transport and soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

10. Characterizing the hydraulic properties of paper coating layer using FIB-SEM tomography and 3D pore-scale modeling; H Aslannejad, SM Hassanizadeh, A Raoof, DAM de Winter, N Tomozeiu, M Th Van Genuchten; Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 160, pp. 275-280, 2017; 33 citations (An example of applying soil and groundwater theories to industrial porous media).

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