Penelope Harvey - Selected Publications#

2020 Contingent statecraft: infrastructures, political creativity and experimentation in A. Dundon and R. Vokes (eds)

Shifting States: New Perspectives on Security, Infrastructure and Political Affect’, Berghahn.

2019 'Anthropos and the Material: Anthropological Reflections on Emerging Political Formations.' Edited with C. Krohn-Hansen and K. Nustad. Durham: Duke University Press.

2018  Infrastructures in and out of time: the promise of roads in contemporary Peru. In N. Anand, H. Appel, and A. Gupta (eds) ‘The Promise of Infrastructure’, Duke University Press. pp. 80-101.

2016 'Infrastructure and Social Complexity: A Routledge Companion '(co-edited with C. Bruun Jensen and A. Morita). London: Routledge.

2015 'Roads. An Anthropology of Infrastructure and Expertise'. Co-authored with Hannah Knox. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

2014 'Roads and Anthropology.' co-edited with D. Dalakoglou. London: Routledge.

2013  The Material Politics of Solid Waste: Decentralization and Integrated Systems in P. Harvey et. al. (eds) ‘Objects and Materials: A Routledge Companion’, London: Routledge, pp. 61-71

2012 ‘The topological quality of infrastructural relations. An ethnographic approach’ in Theory, Culture and Society, vol 29:4/5, pp. 76-92.

Special Editions of Academic Journals

2018 'Dislocating Labour: Anthropological Reconfigurations'. Co-edited with C. Krohn Hansen. (Winner of JRAI 2018 special issue competition).

1997 Technology as Skilled Practice: approaches from anthropology, psychology and history, special edition of Social Analysis 41(1). [Mentioned because of its pioneering status.]

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