Tibor Hartel - Selected Publications (2014-2023)#

Oprinoiu, A., Buzoianu, D., Stoican, F., Arghiuş, V., Bouriaud, L., Hartel, T. (2023): Lege privind protecția arborilor remarcabili - Law for protecting remarkable trees. Monitorul Oficial al României 1: 6-8.

Hartel, T., Fischer, J., Shumi, G, Apollinaire, W. (2023): The Traditonal Ecological Knowledge conundrum. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 38 (3): 211-214.

Papp, C. R., Scheele, B., Rakosy, L., Hartel, T. (2022): Transdisciplinary deficit in large carnivore conservation funding in Europe. Nature Conservation 49, 31–52.

Erős, N., Török, Z., Hossu, A., Réti, K.O., Malos, C., Kecskés, P., Morariu, D. Benedek, J., Hartel, T. (2022). Assessing the sustainability related concepts of Urban Development Plans in Eastern Europe: a case study of Romania. Sustainable Cities and Societies 85, 104070.

Balázsi, Á., Dänhardt, J., Collins, S., Schweiger, O., Settele, J., Hartel, T. (2021): Understanding cultural ecosystem services related to farmlands: Expert survey in Europe. Land Use Policy 100, 104900.

Hartel, T., Nita, A., Rozylowicz, L. (2020): Understanding human-nature connections through value networks: the case of ancient wood-pastures from Central Romania. Sustainability Science, 15 1357-1363.

Hartel, T., Scheele, B., Royzlowicy, L., Horcea-Milcu, A., Cogalniceanu, D. (2020): The social context for conservation: Amphibians in human modified landscapes. Journal for Nature Conservation 53: 1257.

Hartel T., Scheele B.C., Vanak A.T., Rozylowicz L., Linnell J.D.C., Ritchie E.G. (2019): Mainstreaming large carnivore-human coexistence through institutional collaboration. Conservation Biology 33(6): 1256-1265. The paper also was popularized by TheConversation: https://theconversation.com/academia-can-help-humans-and-large-carnivores-coexist-115467).

Rozylowicz L., Nita A., Manolache S., Popescu V.D., Hartel T. (2019): Navigating protected areas networks for improving diffusion of conservation practices. Journal of Environmental Management 230: 413-421.

Hartel, T., Hanspach, J., Moga, C.I., Holban, L., Szapanyos, A., Tamas, R., Horvath, Cs., Reti, K.O. (2018): Abundance of large old trees in wood-pastures of Transylvania (Romania). Science of the Total Environment 613: 263-270.

Hartel, T., Torralba, M., Balazsi, A., Fagerholm, N., Plieninger, T. (2018): Forum: Social-Ecological Archetypes for European Rangelands. Rangeland Ecology and Management 71: 536-544.

Hartel, T., KO Reti, Craioveanu, C. (2017): Valuing scattered trees from wood-pastures by farmers in a traditional rural region of Eastern Europe. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 236: 304-311.

Hartel, T., Olga Réti, K., Craioveanu, C, Gallé, R., Popa, R., Ioniţă, A., Demeter, L., Rákosy, L., Czúcz, B., (2016): Rural social–ecological systems navigating institutional transitions: case study from Transylvania (Romania), Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 2:2, DOI: 10.1002/ehs2.1206

Scheele, B. C., Driscoll, D. A., Fischer, J., Fletcher, A. W., Hanspach, J., Vörös, J. and Hartel, T. (2015): Landscape context influences chytrid fungus distribution in an endangered European amphibian. Animal Conservation, 18: 480–488. doi:10.1111/acv.12199.

Hartel, T., Hanspach, J., Abson, D., Mathe, O., Moga, C.I., Fischer, J. (2014): Bird communities in traditional wood-pastures with changing management in Eastern Europe. Basic and Applied Ecology 15: 385-395.

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