Tibor Hartel - Biography#

Tibor Hartel has a background in ecology, and currently his interests are in understanding the opportunities for sustainability transformations in the rural landscapes of Eastern Europe. Major contributions in the field includes the initiation of the social-ecological approaches in European wood-pasture research (with a seminal book co-edited with Prof. Tobias Plieninger, published in 2014, published by Routledge) and the understanding of the relationship between farmland biodiversity and land management in Eastern Europe. His conceptual contributions includes the proposal of adopting transdisciplinary and leverage points approaches to mainstream large carnivore-human coexistence and the social-ecological archetypes of European farming landscapes.

He published in every major journal in the field of conservation biology and sustainability sciences. As main author his contributions were published in Conservation Biology, Biological Conservation, Biodiversity and Conservation, Animal Conservation, Sustainability Science, Freshwater Biology, Ecology and Society, Science of the Total Environment, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. As coauthor he published in Science Advances, Global Environmental Change, Frontiers in Ecology and Environment (letter), Science (correspondence) and Nature (correspondence).

Hartel acts as a reviewer for several well established ecology, conservation and sustainability journals, with at least 6 reviewer manuscripts per year. He is a formal tutor of a Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher and is supervising a number of students.

Lately Hartel is invited by local community representants to implement sustainability knowledge co-creation workshops in topics related to coexistence with large carnivores, bio-cultural diversity, nature`s contributions to people/ecosystem services and the integration of biodiversity conservation and urban planning.

Hartel's papers can be seen at his Google Scholar profile

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