Gilad Haran - Selected Publications#

H-index (Google)- 53. Total citations: 10796.

1. I. Riven, H. Mazal, M. Iljina, G. Haran, Fast dynamics shape the function of the AAA+ machine ClpB: lessons from single-molecule FRET spectroscopy. Febs J 10.1111/febs.16539 (2022).

2. S. Ghosh, K. Banerjee-Ghosh, D. Levy, D. Scheerer, I. Riven, J. Shin, H. B. Gray, R. Naaman, G. Haran, Control of protein activity by photoinduced spin polarized charge reorganization. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 119, e2204735119 (2022).

3. Schoch, R. L.; Brown, F. L. H.; Haran, G., Correlated diffusion in lipid bilayers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2021, 118 (48), e2113202118.

4. Mazal, H.; Iljina, M.; Riven, I.; Haran, G., Ultrafast pore-loop dynamics in a AAA+ machine point to a Brownian-ratchet mechanism for protein translocation Sci Adv 2021, 7 eabg4674.
Citations: 13.

5. Gupta, S. N.; Bitton, O.; Neuman, T.; Esteban, R.; Chuntonov, L.; Aizpurua, J.; Haran, G., Complex plasmon-exciton dynamics revealed through quantum dot light emission in a nanocavity. Nature communications 2021, 12 (1).
Citations: 35.

6. Mazal H, Iljina M, Barak Y, Elad N, Rosenzweig R, Goloubinoff P, Riven I, & Haran G, Tunable Microsecond Dynamics of an Allosteric Switch Regulate the Activity of a AAA+ Disaggregation Machine. Nature communications 2019 10:1438.
Citations: 33.

7. Mazal, H.; Haran, G., Single-molecule FRET methods to study the dynamics of proteins at work. Curr Opin Biomed Eng 2019, 12, 8-17.
Citations: 74.

8. Aviram, H. Y.; Pirchi, M.; Mazal, H.; Barak, Y.; Riven, I.; Haran, G., Direct observation of ultrafast large-scale dynamics of an enzyme under turnover conditions. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2018.
Citations: 76.

9. Jung, Y.; Riven, I.; Feigelson, S. W.; Kartvelishvily, E.; Tohya, K.; Miyasaka, M.; Alon, R.; Haran, G., Three-dimensional localization of T-cell receptors in relation to microvilli using a combination of superresolution microscopies. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2016, 113 (40), E5916-E5924.
Citations: 167.

10. Santhosh, K.; Bitton, O.; Chuntonov, L.; Haran, G., Vacuum Rabi splitting in a plasmonic cavity at the single quantum emitter limit. Nature communications 2016, 7, ncomms11823.
Citations: 383.

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