Chris Hann - Selected Publications#

2019 Repatriating Polanyi. Market Society in the Visegrád States.

2018 Industrial Labor on the Margins of Capitalism. Precarity, Class, and the Neoliberal Subject / Chris Hann and Jonathan Parry (eds.).

2018 Anthropology and Civilizational Analysis. Eurasian Explorations / Johann Arnason and Chris Hann (eds.).

2015 Economy and Ritual. Studies of Postsocialist Transformations / Stephen Gudeman and Chris Hann (eds.).

2013, The anthropological field on the margins of Europe, 1945-1991 / Aleksandar Bošković and Chris Hann (eds.).

2011 Economic anthropology : history, ethnography, critique / Chris Hann and Keith Hart

2010 Eastern Christians in Anthropological Perspective / Chris Hann and Hermann Goltz (eds.).

2009 Market and Society. The Great Transformation Today / Chris Hann and Keith Hart (eds.).

2005 Galicia. A Multicultured Land / Chris Hann and Paul Robert Magocsi (eds.).

2003 The Postsocialist Agrarian Question. Property Relations and the Rural Condition / Chris Hann and the Property Relations Group

2002 Postsocialism. Ideals, Ideologies, and Practices in Eurasia / C.M. Hann (ed.).

2000 Turkish Region. State, Market, and Social Identities on the East Black Sea Coast / Ildikó Bellér-Hann and Chris Hann

1998 Property Relations. Renewing the Anthropological Tradition / C.M. Hann (ed.).

1996 Civil society : Challenging Western Models / Chris Hann and Elizabeth Dunn (eds.).

1995 The Skeleton at the Feast. Contributions to East European Anthropology.

1994 When History Accelerates. Essays on Rapid Social Change, Complexity and Creativity / C.M. Hann (ed.).

1993 Socialism. Ideals, Ideologies, and Local Practice. ( C.M. Hann (ed.).

1990 Market Economy and Civil Society in Hungary / C.M Hann (ed.).

1990 Tea and the Domestication of the Turkish State.

1985 A Village Without Solidarity. Polish Peasants in Years of Crisis.

1980 Tázlár. A Village in Hungary.

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