Norman Hammond - Publications#

Books include:

Lubaantun: a Classic Maya Realm (1975)

Ancient Maya Civilization (1982: 5th US edn 1994 and various foreign translations, most recently Chinese, Hungarian, and Portuguese)

Edited books include:

South Asian Archaeology (1973)

The Archaeology of Afghanistan (1977, with F.R.Allchin; 2019 revised edition, with W.Ball)

Social Process in Maya Prehistory (1977)

Maya Archaeology and Ethnohistory (1979, with G.R.Willey)

Archaeological Proceedings of the 44th International Congress of Americanists (1983-84, 8 vols, general editor)

Nohmul: a Prehistoric Maya Community in Belize (1985)

Cuello: an early Maya community in Belize (1991)

Articles include:

Recovering Maya Civilisation (Albert Reckitt Archaeological lecture for 2006)

Proceedings of the British Academy 151: 361-385.

He is also a member of the editorial boards of Ancient Mesoamerica, Afghanistan, and Arqueologia Mexicana and has been the Archaeology Correspondent of The Times of London since 1967.

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