Nicolas Halbwachs#

Short laudatio by Reinhard Wilhelm#

Nicolas Halbwachs has excelled in two domains of high relevance for society and industry. He has, as Patrick Cousot’s first doctoral student developed a static analysis detecting linear congruences between variables in a program. This analysis allowed verifying numerical software, in which such congruences played an important role. These programs were otherwise hard to verify by automatic methods.

He has, together with Paul Caspi, designed the reactive language Lustre for the design of safety-critical real-time systems. Lustre formed the basis for the graphical calculus SCADE used in the development of safety-critical systems in the embedded systems industry. Airbus develops essentially all safety-critical subsystems in SCADE. Using SCADE increases engineers’ productivity and decreases the likelihood of programming mistakes.

Basically, linear relation analysis and synchronous programming are Halbwachs’ main contributions. His CV shows however also other important results he can be proud of, mainly concerning verification (symbolic bi-simulation, parameterized networks) and the analysis of programs with arrays. There is no doubt that he is a top researcher!

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