Alexey Gvishiani - Selected Publications#


1. Gvishiani A., Soloviev Anatoly, Krasnoperov R., Lukianova R. Automated Hardware and Software System for Monitoring the Earth’s Magnetic Environment // Data Science Journal. 2016. V. 15, P. 18. DOI:10.5334/dsj-2016-018; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 0,244

2. Gvishiani A., Soloviev Anatoly, Lukianova R., Khokhlov А. Survey of geomagnetic observations made in the northern sector of Russia and methods for analyzing them // Surveys in Geophysics. 2014. V. 35, Is. 5, P. 1123–1154, DOI:10.1007/s10712-014-9297-8; JCR impact-factor (WoS): 3,622; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 2,553

3. Gvishiani A., Dobrovolsky M., Agayan S., Dzeboev B. Fuzzy-based clustering of epicenters and strong earthquake-prone areas // Environmental Engineering and Management Journal. 2013. V. 12. N. 1. P. 1–10; JCR impact-factor (WoS): 1,492; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 0,311

4. Gvishiani A.D., Dzeboev B.A., Agayan S.M. A new approach to recognition of the strong earthquake-prone areas in the Caucasus // Izvestiya RAS Physics of the Solid Earth. 2013. V. 49, N. 6. P. 747–766; JCR impact-factor (WoS): 0,560; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 0,394

5. Soloviev An., Bogoutdinov S., Gvishiani A., Agayan S., Chulliat A., Peltier A., Heumez B. Automated recognition of spikes in 1 hz data recorded at the Easter island magnetic observatory // Earth, Planets and Space. 2012. V. 64. N. 9. P. 743–752; JCR impact-factor (WoS): 1,821; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 1,01

6. Zlotnicki J., Le Mouel J.-L., Gvishiani A., Agayan S., Mikhailov V., Bogoutdinov Sh., Kanwar R., Yvetot P. Automatic fuzzy-logic recognition of anomalous activity on long geophysical records: Application to electric signals associated with the volcanic activity of La Fournaise volcano (Reunion Island) // Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 2005. Vol. 234. P.261-278; JCR impact-factor (WoS): 4,326; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 3,628

7. Gvishiani A., Fuhs K, Zoback M.L., Zoback M.D., Adams J., Gregersen S., Gupta H.K., Mercier J.L., Suarez G., Udias A. et al. Global patterns of tectonic stress // Nature. 1989. N. 6240. P. 291–298. DOI: 10.1038/341291a0, JCR impact-factor (WoS): 38,138; SJR impact-factor (Scopus): 21,936


8. Gvishiani A., Frolov A., Lapshin V., Soloviev An., Khokhlov A., Jalkovsky E., Berezko A., Lebedev A., Kharin E., Shestopalov I., Mandea M., Kuznetsov V., Bondar T., Mabie J., Nisilevich M., Nechitailenko V., Rybkina A., Pyatygina O., Shibaeva A. // The Atlas of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. 2013. ISBN 978-5-904509-13-2. DOI: 10.2205/2013BS011_Atlas_MPZ / Editors: Gvishiani A., Frolov A., Lapshin V.; Publishing group of GC RAS: Kedrov E., Aleksanova O., Firsova E.

9. Gvishiani A., Dubois J. Artificial intelligence and dynamic systems for geophysical applications. Springer-Verlag, Paris. 2002. 350 p.

10. Kirillov A., Gvishiani A. Theorems and problems in functional analysis. New York-Heidelberg-Berlin: Springer-Verlag. Seria “Problem books in mathematics”. 1982. 347 p.

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