Crisanto Gutierrez - Selected Publications#

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Desvoyes, B., Gutierrez, C. Roles of plant retinoblastoma protein: cell cycle and beyond. EMBO J. (2020) e105802.

Sequeira-Mendes, J., Vergara, Z., Peiró, R., Morata, J., Aragüez, I., Costas, C., Mendez-Giraldez, R., Casacuberta, J.M., Bastolla, U., Gutierrez, C. Differences in firing efficiency, chromatin and transcription underlie the developmental plasticity of Arabidopsis DNA replication origins.
Genome Res. 29, 784–797 (2019).

Vergara, Z., Sequeira-Mendes, J., Morata, J., Hénaff, E., Peiró, R., Costas, C., Casacuberta, J.M., Gutierrez, C. Retrotransposons are specified as DNA replication origins in the gene-poor regions of Arabidopsis heterochromatin. Nucleic Acids Res. 45, 8358–8368 (2017).

Vergara, Z., Gutierrez, C. Emerging roles of chromatin in the maintenance of genome organization and function in plants.
Genome Biol. 18, 96 (2017).

Gutierrez, C., Desvoyes, B., Vergara, Z., Otero, S., Sequeira-Mendes, J. Links of genome replication, transcriptional silencing and chromatin dynamics.
Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 34, 92-99 (2016).

Otero, S., Desvoyes, B., Peiró, R., Gutierrez, C. Histone H3 Dynamics Reveal Domains with Distinct Proliferation Potential in the Arabidopsis Root
Plant Cell 28, 1361-1371 (2016).
Highlighted in Plant Cell 28, 1235 (2016) In Brief-Hofmann, N. Last exit to differentiation: histone variants as signspots.

Gutierrez, C. 25 years of cell cycle research: what’s ahead?
Trends Plant Sci. 21, 823-833 (2016).

Sequeira-Mendes, J., Gutierrez, C. Links between genome replication control and chromatin landscapes.
Plant J. 83, 38-51 (2015).

Sequeira-Mendes, J., Aragüez, I., Peiró, R., Zhang, X., Jacobsen, S.E., Bastolla, U., Gutierrez, C. The Functional Topography of the Arabidopsis Genome is organized in a reduced Number of linear Motifs of Chromatin states.
Plant Cell 26, 2351-2366 (2014).

Edgar, B.A., Zielke, N., Gutierrez, C. Endocycles: a recurrent evolutionary innovation for post-mitotic cell growth.
Nature Rev Cell Mol. Biol. 15, 197-210 (2014).

Costas, C.+, Sanchez, M.P.+, Stroud, H.+, Yu, Y., Oliveros, J.C., Feng, S., Benguria, A., López-Vidriero, I., Zhang, X., Solano, R., Jacobsen, S.E., Gutierrez, C. “Genome-wide mapping of Arabidopsis origins of DNA replication and their associated epigenetic marks”.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 18, 395-400 (2011).

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