Sergei Guriev - Selected Publications#

1) Guriev, Sergei, and Dmitriy Kvasov (2005). “Contracting on time.” American Economic Review, 5(5), 1369-1385.

2) Friebel, Guido, and Sergei Guriev (2006). “Smuggling humans: A theory of debt-financed migration.” Journal of European Economic Association, 4(6), 1085-1111.

3) Egorov, Georgy, Sergei Guriev, and Konstantin Sonin (2009). “Why Resource-Poor Dictators Allow Freer Media: A Theory and Evidence from Panel Data.” American Political Science Review, 103(4), 645-668.

4) Guriev, Sergei, and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (2009). “(Un)Happiness in Transition.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 23(2), 143-68.

5) Algan, Yann, Sergei Guriev, Elias Papaioannou, and Evgenia Passari (2017) "The European Trust Crisis and the Rise of Populism." Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 48(2), pp. 309-400.

6) Cheremukhin, Anton, Mikhail Golosov, Sergei Guriev, and Aleh Tsyvinski (2017). “The Industrialization and Economic Development of Russia through the Lens of a Neoclassical Growth Model." Review of Economic Studies, 84(2): 613-649.

7) Guriev, Sergei, and Daniel Treisman (2019). “Informational Autocrats.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 33(4): 100-127.

8) Ananyev, Maxim, and Sergei Guriev (2019). “The effect of income on trust: the evidence from 2009 crisis in Russia.” Economic Journal, 129(619): 1082-1118.

9) Guriev, Sergei, Biagio Speciale, and Michele Tuccio (2019). How Do Regulated and Unregulated Labor Markets Respond to Shocks? Evidence from Immigrants During the Great Recession. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 35(1), pp. 37–76.

Google Scholar: 7129 citations, h-index=43

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