Yike Guo - Biography#

Prof. Yike Guo has been working in computer science for 30 years in the area of data science with experiences in both academia and industry. An inherent part of Prof Guo’s career has been working in multidisciplinary areas, reaching out to a broad range of research domains including medicine, engineering and business. In the last 30 years, he has:

1) Made significant contributions in the area of parallel computing, data mining methods, systems and applications. He has developed many well-adopted software systems for large scale data analysis, applied them successfully to a wide range of scientific fields. He published more than 200 papers in international conferences and journals. With these achievements, in early 2017, he was offered the post of Regius Professor in Computer Science at University of Southampton, the only royal academic appointment in computer science. In 2018, he is elected as a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, UK.

2) Led many large UK and EU multi-disciplinary research projects with total funding of more than £130 million. He was the principal investigator on more than one third of these projects, including the 22 million Euro EU Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project eTRIKS.

3) Established the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Imperial College as one of the 5 cross-faculty college research institutes at Imperial College. In its first three years, with an initial £200K investment from the College, he has successfully built the DSI as a major research base of data science in UK with 50 researchers, 7 research labs and a network of 80 academics in the College. Under his leadership, the total funding to the Institute is now over £20 million with more than £14 million worth of external funding from industrial partners.

4) Established Imperial College’s first spin off company in data science technology and have led its continuous development from 5 people to 140 people at which point it was merged with IDBS to become a major scientific data management company. He has lead companies to translate his research achievements at Imperial into products which are widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors with more than 50,000 users.

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