Rainer Guillery#

Obituary, Society for Neuroscience

  • B Sc (Anatomy) 1951, from University College London
  • Ph D (Anatomy) 1954, from University College London

  • Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Reader, Department of Anatomy, University College London, 1953-1964.
  • Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Anatomy, University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine, Madison Wi. 1964-1977.
  • Professor, Department of Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences, and Chair of Committee on Neurobiology, University of Chicago 1977-1984.
  • Dr Lee’s Professor and Head of Department of Human Anatomy, Oxford University 1984-1996.
  • Visiting Professor, and Senior Scientist, Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison Wi. 1996 to 2002, emeritus professor, 2002- present.
  • Professor in the Department of Anatomy at the School of Medicine of Marmara University 2006-2010.


Editor-in-Chief and Founding Editor, European Journal of Neuroscience, 1988-1993 Past Member of Editorial Boards of J Neuroscience (sectional editor), J Neurophysiology, J Neurocytology, J Comparative Neurology, Neuroscience; currently member of editorial boards of J Anatomy, European J Neuroscience, Neuroembryology and Aging.

  • Fellow of the Royal Society (London), 1983-
  • Fellow of University College London
  • Emeritus Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford
  • Honorary Professor at King’s College London and at the Chinese University in Hong Kong
  • Member of Academia Europea
  • Past treasurer of the Society for Neuroscience
  • Past president of the Anatomical Association of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Past member of review panels for NIH, Medical Research Council (UK) and Wellcome Trust (UK)

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