Robert Grzeszczak - Selected Publications#

R. Grzeszczak, Questions for preliminary rulings in the area of human rights. A practical guide for judges and plenipotentiaries, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Warsaw 2018, pp. 107. (in English)

R. Grzeszczak, Global Role of Europe and Common Foreign and Security Policy - from words to reality, College of Europe Publishers, Warsaw 2013, pp. 173 (in English)

R. Grzeszczak, Executive power in the European Union system, Warsaw 2011, pp. 365 (in Polish)

R. Grzeszczak, Subsidiäre Demokratie. Die Rolle der nationalen Parlamente in der Europäischen Union im Vertrag von Lissabon (in German)// Subsidiary democracy. The role of national parliaments in the European Union in the Treaty of Lisbon; Rapporte der Konrad Adenauer Stiftung // Reports Konrad Adenauer Fondation, Warsaw 2008 (in German and in Polish)

R. Grzeszczak, Parliaments of Member States in the European Union, Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis, Wroclaw 2004, pp. 256 (in Polish).

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