Arnulf Grubler - Selected Publications#

Author, co-author, and editor of twelve books, three special journal issues, more than 130 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and research reports, plus numerous technical reports and papers.

269 publications and 28554 citations in Google Scholar, H-index: 59 (15-12-2021).
87 publications and 7203 citations in SCOPUS (all research fields), H-index: 34 (15-12-2021).

Wilson C , Grubler A , Bento N, Healey S, De Stercke S, & Zimm C (2020). Granular technologies to accelerate decarbonization. Science 368 (6486): 36-39. DOI:10.1126/science.aaz8060.

Grubler A , Wilson C , Bento N, Boza-Kiss B, Krey V , McCollum D, Rao N , Riahi K , et al. (2018). A low energy demand scenario for meeting the 1.5 °C target and sustainable development goals without negative emission technologies. Nature Energy 3 (6): 517-525. DOI:10.1038/s41560-018-0172-6.

Grubler A , Wilson C , & Nemet GF (2016). Apples, oranges, and consistent comparisons of the temporal dynamics of energy transitions. Energy Research & Social Science 22: 18-25. DOI:10.1016/j.erss.2016.08.015.

Grubler A & Wilson C (2014). Energy Technology Innovation: Learning from Historical Successes and Failures. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107023222

Grubler A (2012). Energy transitions research: Insights and cautionary tales. Energy Policy 50: 8-16. DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2012.02.070.

Grubler A , Aguayo F, Gallagher KS, Hekkert M, Jiang K, Mytelka L, Neij L, Nemet GF, et al. (2012). Chapter 24: Policies for the Energy Technology Innovation System (ETIS). In: Global Energy Assessment: Toward a Sustainable Future, pp.1665-1744 (October 2012): Cambridge University Press and IIASA. ISBN 9780521182935

Grubler A (2010). The costs of the French nuclear scale-up: A case of negative learning by doing. Energy Policy 38 (9): 5174-5188. DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2010.05.003.

Grubler A (2004). Technology and Global Change. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press. ISBN 7-302-05893-8, Chinese translation of: Grubler A (2004 reprint, First edition 1998). Technology and Global Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9-780-52154332-3.

Kates RW, Clark WC, Corell R, Grubler A , & Hall JM (2001). Sustainability science. Science 292 (5517): 641-642. DOI:10.1126/science.1059386 (most cited paper: 3793 citations in google scholar 1839 citations in SCOPUS)

Grubler A (1996). Time for a change: On the patterns of diffusion of innovation. Daedalus 125 (3): 19-42. Reprint:

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