Mislav Grgic - Other Information#

Prof. Grgic was a Deputy President of the "Energy Platform Living Lab - Association for open innovations in energy sector" (2014-2018), and a President of the Board of Directors of institution "Innovation Center Nikola Tesla" (2015-2018).

Prof. Grgic was a member of the Working Group for the preparation of negotiations for the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, responsible for the Chapter 10 of the acquis communautaire: "Information Society and Media" (2005-2008). He was an appointed member of the Committee on Transportation, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Croatian Parliament (2008-2011).

Prof. Grgic is a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, EURASIP, SPIE, ELMAR, and AMAC-FER.

Prof. Grgic is a founder and first chair of the program "SUZA - From School to Science and Academic Community" - official FER's popularization program that is conducted in cooperation with elementary and secondary schools in Croatia. He is a co-founder and a honorary president (chancellor) of the Academic Male Choir of FER (the biggest male choir in Croatia) and a president (prefect) of the Women Singing Choir "Rezonanca" of FER. He is an honorary member of the Croatian Singing Society "Slavulj" Petrinja, the oldest singing society in Croatia, founded in 1864, with only six honorary members in their 157-years long history.

Prof. Grgic is a Knight of the Order of St. George - a European order of the k. und k. House of Habsburg-Lorraine. He is also a member of the Brethren of the Croatian Dragon - as the Dragon Strossmayer's - where he is serving as 10th Grand Master (2021-2026). In the Brethren of the Croatian Dragon he was serving as Herald - Head of the Dragons' Heraldic Office (2017-2019), and he was also a member of the management committee (2017-2021) of medieval castle in Ozalj, Croatia - first mentioned in 1244. He is a member of the Brotherhood (Fraternity) of All Saints in Korcula, founded in 1301 and a member of the Croatian Heraldic & Vexillological Association.

Prof. Grgic is a founder of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs): Croatian Council of the European Movement, Croatian Club for International Cooperation, Croatian Junior Chamber, and Croatian Academic-Business Club.

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