Richard Grencis - Recent and Key Publications#

* denotes Senior/Corresponding authorship

Hasnain SZ, Evans CM, Roy M, Gallagher AL, Kindrachuk KN, Barron L, Dickey BF, Wilson MS, Wynn TA, Grencis RK*, Thornton DJ*. (2011). Muc5ac: a critical component mediating the rejection of enteric nematodes. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 208, 893-900.

Hayes, K.S., Bancroft, A.J., Goldrick, M., Portsmouth, C., Roberts I.S.& Grencis, R.K. *(2010) Exploitation of the intestinal microflora by the parasitic nematode Trichuris muris: microflora regulates macrofauna. Science. 328, 1391-4.

Hasnain SZ, Wang H, Ghia JE, Haq N, Deng Y, Velcich A, Grencis RK*, Thornton DJ, Khan WI (2010) Mucin gene deficiency in mice impairs host resistance to enteric parasitic infection. Gastroenterology. 138, 1763-71.

Hepworth M R & Grencis R K *(2009) Disruption of Th2 mediated immunity results in a gender specific expansion of Natural Killer cells during helminth infection. Journal of Immunology. 183, 3906-14.

Humphreys NE, Xu D, Hepworth MR, Liew FY, Grencis RK *(2008) IL-33, a potent inducer of adaptive immunity to intestinal nematodes. Journal of Immunology. 180, 2443-2449.

Cliffe LJ, Humphreys NE, Lane TE, Potten CS, Booth C and Grencis RK* (2005) Accelerated intestinal epithelial cell turnover: a new mechanism of parasite expulsion. Science. 308, 1463-1465.

McDermott JR, Bartram RE, Knight PA, Miller HRP, Garrod DR & Grencis RK
  • (2003) Mast cells disrupt epithelial barrier function during enteric nematode
infection. . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 100, 7761-6.

Helmby, H, Takeda K, Akira S & Grencis RK *(2001) Interleukin 18 promotes the development of chronic gastro-intestinal helminth infection by down regulating IL-13. Journal of Experimental Medicine . 194, 355-364.

Artis DA, Humphreys NE, Bancroft AJ, Rothwell NJ & Grencis RK *(1999) TNF-a is a critical component of IL-13 mediated protective Th2 responses during helminth infection. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 190, 953-962.

Else K J, Finkelman F D, Maliszewski C R & Grencis R K* (1994) Cytokine mediated regulation of chronic intestinal helminth infection. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 179, 347-351. \ H Factor= 41
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