Sarah Francesca Gree - Selected Publications#


2020 Σημειώσεις από τα Βαλκάνια. Τόπος, Περιθωριακότητα και αμφισημία στα Ελληνοαλβανικά σύνορα. Ιωάννινα: Εκδόσεις Ισνάφι. Greek language version of Notes from the Balkans (see below, 2005), with an Introduction by Alexandra Bakalaki and a new Preface by Sarah Green. Translated by Aspasia Theodosiou and Alexandra Siotou. ISBN 978-960-9446-26-0.

2013 Borderwork: a visual journey through periphery frontier regions. With Lena Malm. Helsinki: Jasilti. ISBN 978-952-93-1716-5 (hb) and ISBN 978-952-93-1717-2 (pdf).

2005 Notes from the Balkans: Locating Marginality and Ambiguity on the Greek-Albanian Border. Princeton, N.J. and Oxford: Princeton University Press. 320pp, pb & hb (120,000 words). Winner of the Douglass award for best contribution to Europeanist Anthropology 2006 (Society of Europeanist Anthropology, American Anthropological Association). Has been translated into Polish(by Fundacja Pogranicze), and is being translated into Greek. It has also been positively reviewed in at least 12 anthropology journals since publication (including American Anthropologist; American Ethnologist; Anthropos; Cambridge Anthropology; and Slavic Review)

1997 Urban Amazons: Lesbian Feminism and Beyond in the Gender, Sexuality and Identity Battles of London. London: Macmillan. 256pp,

Recent articles and chapters:

2021, "Locating Disease: On the Co-Existence of Diverse Concepts of Territory and the Spread of Disease" In Sevasti Trubeta, Christian Promitser & Paul Weindling, (eds), Medicalising borders: Selection, containment and quarantine since 1800, Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 178-198

2020, "Geometries: from analogy to performativity". In Franck Billé, (ed.) Volumetric States: sovereignty, materiality, and the territorial imagination, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 175-90.

2018, "Lines, traces, and tidemarks: further reflections on forms of border, in The political materialities of borders: new theoretical directions." Demetriou, O. & Dimova, R. (eds.). 1 ed. Manchester: University of Manchester, Vol. 2. p. 67-83 17 p. (Rethinking Borders).

2018, "Crisis within a crisis? Foreigners in Athens and traces of transnational relations and separations", in D. Dalakoglou & G. Ageolopoulos (Eds), Critical Times in Greece: Anthropological Engagements with the Crisis. London: Routledge, pp. 104-117

2019 “Entangled Borders.” Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo, special issue on “Anthropology & Critical Border Studies. Connections | Intersections |Crossings” edited by Chiara Brambilla. Pp. 1-4.

2019 “Entangled Borders.” Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo, special issue on “Anthropology & Critical Border Studies. Connections | Intersections | Crossings” edited by Chiara Brambilla. Pp. 1-4.

2019 “Locating European anthropology” With Patrick Laviolette and Francisco Martinez. Anuac, Vol. 8, No. 2, Dec., 245-54.

2017 “Relations and Separations.” American Anthropologist, 119:3, pp. 530-532.

2014 “Anthropological knots: Conditions of possibilities and interventions” Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 4 (3): 1–21

2013 “Borders and the Relocation of Europe.” Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol. 42, pp. 345-361 (

2012 “Reciting the future: everyday speculations about what might happen next on two Greek borders”. Hau: journal of ethnographic theory. 2:1, pp. 111-130. (

2012 “Private equity and the concept of brittle trust.” With Julie Froud and Karel Williams. Sociological Review. 60:1, pp 1-24.

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