Christian Gollier - Selected publications#

Gollier, C., (2001), The economics of risk and time, MIT Press, 450 pages. (880 citations on Google Scholar)

Gollier, C., and J.W. Pratt, (1996), Risk Vulnerability and the Tempering Effect of Background Risk, Econometrica, 64, 1109-1124. (382 citations)

Biais, B., and C. Gollier, (1997), Why Do Firms Use Trade Credits? A Signalling Model, with B. Biais, Review of Financial Studies, 10, 903-937. (351 citations)

Eeckhoudt, L., C. Gollier, and H. Schlesinger, (1995), The Risk Averse (and Prudent) Newsboy, Management Science, 41, 786-794. (298 citations)

Gollier, C., B. Jullien, and N. Treich, (2000), Scientific Progress and Irreversibility: An Economic Interpretation of the Precautionary Principle, Journal of Public Economics, 75, 229-53. (274 citations)

Gollier, C., (2002), Discounting an uncertain future, Journal of Public Economics, 85, 149-166. (194 citations)

Gollier (1995), The Comparative Statics of Changes in Risk Revisited, Journal of Economic Theory , 66, 522-536. (126 citations)

Gollier, C., (2008), Intergenerational risk-sharing and risk-taking of a pension fund, Journal of Public Economics, Vol 92/5-6, pp 1463-1485. (103 citations)

Drèze, J.H., and C. Gollier, (1993), Risk Sharing on the Labour Market and Second-Best Wage Rigidity, European Economic Review, 37, 1457-1482. (87 citations)

Gollier, C., and R.J. Zeckhauser, (2005), Aggregation of heterogeneous time preferences, Journal of Political Economy, 113, 878-898. (82 citations)
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