John Goldthorpe - List of Publications#

Books and edited volumes

1968: & D. Lockwood et al. The Affluent Worker: Industrial Attitudes and Behaviour. Cambridge University Press

1968: & D. Lockwood et al. The Affluent Worker: Political Attitudes and Behaviour. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

1969: & D. Lockwood et al. The Affluent Worker in the Class Structure. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

1974: & K. Hope. The Social Grading of Occupations: A New Approach and Scale. Oxford: Clarendon Press

1977: & P. Bevan. Lo studio della stratificazione sociale in Gran Bretagna (1946-1976). Turin: Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli

1978: & F. Hirsch (eds.). The Political Economy of Inflation. Oxford: Martin Robertson

1980: (with C. Llewellyn and C. Payne). Social Mobility and Class Structure in Modern Britain. Oxford: Clarendon Press

1984: (ed.). Order and Conflict in Contemporary Capitalism: Studies in the Political Economy of West European Nations. Oxford: Clarendon Press

1985: & H. Strasser (eds.). Die Analyse sozialer Ungleichheit: Kontinuität, Erneuerung, Innovation. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag

1987: (with C. Llewellyn and C. Payne). Social Mobility and Class Structure in Modern Britain. (2nd revised and enlarged edition). Oxford: Clarendon Press

1992: & C. Whelan (eds.). The Development of Industrial Society in Ireland. Oxford: The British Academy

1992: & R. Erikson. The Constant Flux: A Study of Class Mobility in Industrial Societies. Oxford: Clarendon Press

2000: On Sociology: Numbers, Narratives and the Integration of Research and Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press

2007: On Sociology (2nd revised and enlarged, 2 volume edition). Stanford: Stanford University Press

2008: & C. Bunting, T.W. Chan, E. Keaney and A.Oskala. From Indifference to Enthusiasm: Patterns of Arts Attendance in England. London: Arts Council England

Articles and chapters in books

1959: Technical Organization as a Factor in Supervision-Worker Conflict: Some Preliminary Observations on a Study Made in the Mining Industry. British Journal of Sociology, 10, 213-30

1961: La conception des conflits du travail dans l'enseignement des relations humaines. Sociologie du Travail, 3, 1-17

1962: The Development of Social Policy in England, 1800-1914: Notes on a Sociological Approach to a Problem in Historical Explanation. Transactions of the Fifth World Congress of Sociology, 41-56.Washington: International Sociological Association (Extended version, in French, in Sociologie du Travail, 5, 105-20 1963)

1962: The Relevance of History to Sociology. Cambridge Opinion, 28, 1962. (Revised version, with a Postscript, in Sociological Research Methods (ed. M. Bulmer) 162-74. London: Macmillan, 1977)

1963: & D. Lockwood. Affluence and the British Class Structure. Sociological Review, n.s. 11, 133-63

1964: Social Stratification in Industrial Society. In The Development of Industrial Societies (ed. P. Halmos), 97-122 Keele: Sociological Review Monograph 8

1966: Industrialisation and the Problem of ‘Convergence’: A Reply to Dunning and Hopper. Sociological Review, 14, 187-95

1966: Attitudes and Behaviour of Car Assembly Workers: a Deviant Case and a Theoretical Critique. British Journal of Sociology, 17, 227-44

1967: & D. Lockwood et al. The Affluent Worker and the Thesis of Embourgeoisement; Some Preliminary Research Findings. Sociology, 1, 11-31

1967: Arbeiter im Wohlstand. Atomzeitalter, 3

1968: Introduction, Spencer, Pareto. In The Founding Fathers of the Social Sciences (ed. T. Raison), 9-16, 76-83, 110-18. Harmondsworth: Penguin

1969: Social Inequality and Social Integration in Modern Britain. The Advancement of Science, 26, 190-202

1970: The Social Action Approach to Industrial Sociology: A Reply to Daniel. Journal of Management Studies, May, 199-208

1970: L'image des classes chez les travailleurs manuels aisés. Revue française de sociologie, 11, 311-38

1971: Theories of Industrial Society: Reflections on the Recrudescence of Historicism and the Future of Futurology. Archives européennes de sociologie, 12, 263-88

1972: & K. Hope. Occupational Grading and Occupational Prestige. In The Analysis of Social Mobility: Methods and Approaches (ed. K. Hope), 19-79. Oxford: Clarendon Press

1972: Daniel on Orientations to work: A Final Comment. Journal of Management Studies, October, 266-73

1972: Class, Status and Party in Modern Britain: Some Recent Interpretations, Marxist and Marxisant. Archives européennes de sociologie, 13, 342-72

1973: A Revolution in Sociology? Sociology, 7, 449-62

1974: Industrial Relations in Great Britain: A Critique of Reformism. Politics and Society, 4, 184-224

1976: & P. Bevan. The Study of Social Stratification in Great Britain: 1946-1976. Social Science Information, 16, 1976, 279-334

1976: Mobilité sociale et intérêts sociaux. Sociologie et sociétés, 8, 7-36

1977: & C. Llewellyn. Class Mobility in Modern Britain: Three Theses Examined. Sociology, 11, 257-87

1977: & C. Llewellyn. Class Mobility: Intergenerational and Worklife Patterns. British Journal of Sociology, 18, 269-302

1978: & C. Llewellyn and C. Payne. Trends in Class Mobility. Sociology, 12, 441-6

1979: & R. Erikson and L. Portocarero. Intergenerational Class Mobility in Three Western European Societies: England, France and Sweden. British Journal of Sociology, 30, 415-41

1980: Intellectuals and the Working Class in Modern Britain. Fuller Bequest Lecture. Colchester: University of Essex

1981: The Class Schema of Social Mobility and Class Structure in Modern Britain: A Reply to Penn. Sociology, 15, 272-80

1981: & L. Portocarero. La mobilité sociale en France, 1953-70: nouvel examen. Revue française de sociologie, 22, 151-66

1982: & R. Erikson and L. Portocarero. Social Fluidity in Industrial Nations: England, France and Sweden. British Journal of Sociology, 33, 1-34

1982: On the Service Class, its Formation and Future. In Social Class and the Division of Labour (eds. .A. Giddens and G. Mackenzie), 162-85. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

1983: & R. Erikson and L. Portocarero. Intergenerational Class Mobility and the Convergence Thesis: England, France and Sweden. British Journal of Sociology, 34, 303-43

1983: I problemi dell’economia politica alla fine del periode post-bellico. Stato e Mercato, Aprile, 48-87. (English version, Problems of Political Economy after the Post-war Period. In The Changing Boundaries of the Political (ed. C. Maier), 363-407. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

1983: Women and Class Analysis: In Defence of the Conventional View. Sociology, 37, 465-88

1983: Sociology of Inflation: A Comment’. British Journal of Sociology, 34, 498

1984: Women and Class Analysis: a Reply to the Replies. Sociology, 18, 491-9

1985: & R. Erikson. Are American Rates of Social Mobility Exceptionally High? New Evidence on an Old Issue'. European Sociological Review, 1, 1-22

1985: On Economic Development and Social Mobility. British Journal of Sociology, 36, 549-73

1986: & C. Payne. Trends in Intergenerational Class Mobility in England and Wales, 1972-83. Sociology, 20, 1-24

1986: & C. Payne. On the Class Mobility of Women: Results from Different Approaches to the Analysis of Recent British Data. Sociology, 20, 531-55

1987: & R. Erikson. Commonality and Variation in Social Fluidity in Industrial Nations. Part I: A Model for Evaluating the ‘FJH Hypothesis’; Part II: The Model of Core Social Fluidity Applied. European Sociological Review, 3, 54-77, 145-56

1988: & R. Erikson. La mobilità intragenerazionale: un confronto fra quattro paese. Polis, 2

1988: & R. Erikson ‘Women at Class Crossroads’: A Critical Note. Sociology, 22, 545-53

1988: Rezultati Sodobnih Raziskav Socialne Mobilnosti in Projekt CASMIN. Druzboslovne Razprave, 6

1990: A Response. In John H. Goldthorpe: Consensus and Controversy (eds. J. Clark, C. Modgil and S. Modgil), 399-438. London: Falmer Press

1991: & H. Ishida and R. Erikson. Intergenerational Class Mobility in Post-War Japan: Conformity or Peculiarity in Cross-National Perspective? American Journal of Sociology, 96

1991: The Uses of History in Sociology: Reflections on Some Recent Tendencies. British Journal of Sociology, 42, 211-230

1992: Employment, Class and Mobility: A Critique of Liberal and Marxist Theories of Long Term Change. In Modernity and Social Change (eds. H. Haferkamp and N. J. Smelser), (eds.), Los Angeles: University of California Press

1992: & R. Erikson. Individual or Family: Results from Two Approaches to Class Assignment. Acta Sociologica, 35

1992: & G. Marshall. The Promising Future of Class Analysis: A Response to Recent Critiques. Sociology, 26, 381-400

1992: & R. Erikson. The CASMIN Project and the American Dream. European Sociological Review, 8, 283-305

1994: The Uses of History in Sociology: A Reply. British Journal of Sociology, 45, 55-77

1995: Le ‘noyau dur’: fluidité sociale en Angleterre et en France dans les années 70 et 80'. Revue française de sociologie, 36, 61-79

1995: The Service Class Revisited. In Social Change and the Middle Classes (eds. M. Savage and T. Butler), London: UCL Press

1996: Class and Politics in Advanced Industrial Societies. In Conflicts over Class (eds. D. J. Lee and B. S. Turner), London: Longman

1996: Problems of Meritocracy. In Can Education be Equalized? (eds. R. Erikson and J. O. Jonsson), 255-87.Boulder Col.: Westview Press

1996: Class Analysis and the Reorientation of Class Theory: the Case of Persisting Differentials in Educational Attainment. British Journal of Sociology, 47, 481-505

1996: The Quantitative Analysis of Large-Scale Data-Sets and Rational Action Theory: For a Sociological Alliance. European Sociological Review, 12, 109-26

1997: The Integration of Sociological Research and Theory. Rationality and Society, 9, 405-26

1997: Current Issues in Comparative Macrosociology and A Response to the Commentaries. Comparative Social Research, 16, 1-26, 121-32

1997: & M. Yaish and V. Kraus. Class Mobility in Israeli Society: A Comparative Perspective. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 15, 3-28

1997: & G. Fitzmaurice. Adjusting for Overdispersion in an Analysis of Comparative Social Mobility. Sociological Methods and Research 25

1997: & R. Breen. Explaining Educational Differentials: Towards a Formal Rational Action Theory. Rationality and Society, 9: 275-305

1997: The ‘Goldthorpe’ Class Schema: Some Observations on Conceptual and Operational Issues. In Constructing Classes: Towards a New Social Classification for the UK (eds. D. Rose and K. O’Reilly), 40-8. London: Office of National Statistics

1998: Rational Action Theory for Sociology. British Journal of Sociology, 49

1999: Causation, Statistics and Sociology. Geary Memorial Lecture. Dublin: Economic and Social Research Institute

1999: Modelling the Pattern of Class Voting in British Elections, 1964-1992. In The End of Class Politics? Class Voting in Comparative Context (ed. G. Evans), 60-82. Oxford: Oxford University Press

1999: & R. Breen. Class Inequality and Meritocracy: A Critique of Saunders and an Alternative Analysis. British Journal of Sociology, 50, 1-27

2000: The Present Crisis in Sociology: A Way Beyond Spurious Pluralism? In The New Millenium: Essays on the Current State of Sociology (eds. S. Svallfors and T. P. Boje), 65-78. Umeå: Umeå University

2000: Rent, Class Conflict and Class Structure: A Commentary on Sørensen. American Journal of Sociology, 1051: 1572-82

2000: Den nuvarande krisen inom sociologin: finns det en väg bortom falsk pluralism? Sociologisk Forskning, 3-4

2001: & R. Breen. Class, Mobility and Merit. European Sociological Review, 17: 81-101

2002: A Sociology of Ireland, Irish Journal of Sociology, 11,: 97-109

2002: Globalisation and Social Class. Western European Politics, 25: 1-28

2002: & R. Erikson. Intergenerational Inequality: A Sociological Perspective. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 16: 31-44

2002: Occupational Sociology, Yes: Class Analysis, No: Comment on Grusky and Weeden’s Research Agenda. Acta Sociologica, 45: 211-25

2002: On Official Social Classifications in France and Britain. Sociétés contemporaines

2003: & R. Breen. Merit, Mobility and Method: Another Reply to Saunders. British Journal of Sociology, 53: 575-82

2004: & C. Mills. Trends in Intergenerational Class Mobility in Britain in the Late Twentieth Century. In Social Mobility in Europe (ed. R. Breen) 195-224. Oxford: Oxford University Press

2004: & T. W. Chan. Is There a Status Order in Contemporary British Society? European Sociological Review, 20: 383-401

2004: Sociology as Social Science and Cameral Sociology: Some Further Thoughts. European Sociological Review, 20: 97-105

2005: & R. Erikson, M. Jackson, M. Yaish and D. R. Cox. On Class Differentials in Educational Attainment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102: 9730-9733

2005: Progress in Sociology: The Case of Social Mobility Research. In Analyzing Inequality (ed. S. Svallfors) 56-82. Stanford: Stanford University Press

2005: & M. Jackson and C. Mills. Education, Employers and Class Mobility. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 23: 3-34

2005: & T. W. Chan. The Social Stratification of Theatre, Dance and Cinema Attendance. Cultural Trends, 14: 193-212

2006: & A. McKnight. The Economic Basis of Social Class. In Mobility and Inequality: Frontiers of Research in Sociology Economics (eds. S.L. Morgan, D. B Grusky and G. S. Fields), pp. 109-36. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

2007: & T. W. Chan. Social Stratification and Cultural Consumption: Music in England. European Sociological Review, 23: 1-19

2007: & T.W. Chan. Social Status and Newspaper Readership. American Journal of Sociology, 112: 1095-1134
\ 2007: & T.W. Chan. Social Stratification and Cultural Consumption: The Visual Arts in England. Poetics, 35: 168-190

2007: ‘Cultural Capital’: Some Critical Observations. In From Origin to Destination: Trends and Mechanisms in Social Stratification Research (eds. S. Scherer, R. Pollak, G. Otte and M. Gangl. Frankfurt a. M.: Campus

2007: ‘Cultural Capital’: A Response to the Comments. Sociologica, 2: 1-7

2007: & T.W. Chan. Class and Status: The Conceptual Distinction and its Empirical Relevance. American Sociological Review, 72: 512-532

2007: & M. Jackson, R. Erikson and M. Yaish. Primary and Secondary Effects in Class Differentials in Educational Attainment. Acta Sociologica, 50: 211-229

2007: & T.W. Chan. Data, Methods and Interpretation in Analyses of Cultural Consumption: A Reply to Peterson and Wuggenig. Poetics, 35: 317-29

2007: & T.W. Chan. The Social Stratification of Cultural Consumption: Some Policy Implications of a Research Project. Cultural Trends, 16: 373-84

2007: & M. Jackson. Intergenerational Class Mobility in Contemporary Britain: Political Concerns and Empirical Findings. British Journal of Sociology, 58: 525-546

2008: & M. Jackson. Education-Based Meritocracy: The Barriers to its Realisation. In Social Class: How Does it Work? (eds. A. Lareau and D. Conley). New York: Russell Sage Foundation

2008: Three Cheers for Unoriginality – but Who will be Cheering?: A Comment on Breuer and Lizardo. Sociologica 1

2008: & Colin Mills. Trends in Intergenerational Class Mobility in Modern Britain: Evidence from National Surveys, 1972-2005. National Institute Economic Review, July

2009: & Robert Erikson. Social Class, Family Background and Intergenerational Mobility: A Comment on McIntosh and Munk’, European Economic Review, 53, 118-20

2009: Rational Action Theory in Sociology: Misconceptions and Some Real Problems. Nuova Civilità della Machine, 26, 99-125

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