Lynn Gladden - Major publications#

M.H. Sankey, D.J. Holland, A.J. Sederman and L.F. Gladden,
"Magnetic resonance velocity imaging of liquid and gas two-phase flow in packed beds".
J. Magn. Reson. I96, l42-148, 2009.

KJ,. Nguyen, T. Friscic, G.M. Day, L.F. Gladden and W. Jones,
"Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and the quantitative monitoring of mechanochemical cocrystal formation".
Nature Materials 6, 206-209, 2007.

L.D. Anadon, A.J. Sederman and L.F. Gladden,
"Mechanism of the trickle-to-pulse flow transition in fixed-bed reactors".
AlChE Journal 52, 1522-1532, 2006.

D. Teschner, E. Vass, M. Havecker, S. Zafeiratos, P. Schnorch, H. Sauer, A. Knop-Gericke, R. Schloegl, M. Chamam, A. Wootsch, A.S. Canning, J.J. Gamman, S.D. Jackson, J. McGregor and L.F. Gladden,
"Alkyne hydrogenation over Pd catalysts: A new paradigm".
J. Catalysis 242, 26-37, 2006.

A.J. Sederman, M.D. Mantke, C.P. Dunckley, Z.Y. Huang and L.F. Gladden,
"In situ MRI study of l-octene isomerisation and hydrogenation within a trickle-bed reactor".
Catal. Letts. 103, l-8, 2005. V

L.F. Gladden,
"Magnetic Resonance: Ongoing and future role in chemical engineering research".
AIChE Journal 49, 2-9, 2003. 4
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