Salvador Giner - Selected publications#


2012, El origen de la moral: ética y valores en la sociedad actual

2003, Teoría sociológica moderna

2002, Teoría sociológica clásica (2nd ed, 2004)

1968, Sociology (1st ed, many printings; translated into 6 languages; latest revision 2003)

1967, Historia del Pensamiento Social (1st ed, several revisions and reprints; latest revised edition 2013)


‘European Cities: Tradition and the Reinvention of the future,’ European Mayors 2004: Conference Compendium London School of Economics, Cities Programme, 2005, pp. 23-25

"Civic Altruism and Social Policy," International Sociology, Vol. 11, no. 2, Junio 1996, pp. 139-159

"Southern European Socialism in Transition," West European Politics, Vol. 7, N.2, 1984, pp. 138-157

"Power, Freedom and Social Change in the Spanish University, 1939-1975." In: P. Preston (editor) Spain in Crisis, London, The Harvester Press, 1976, pp. 183-211 and pp. 313-318

"La estructura social de España,". Horizonte Español, París: Ruedo Ibérico, 1972, Vol. II, pp. 1-44
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