Franco Gianturco#

Bibliometric information( Period 1998-2009)

(i) H factor: 22
(ii) N. of Citations: 2,123
(iii) N. of publications: 311

1) Books: 5 (1 as single author and 4 as Editor)

2) Publications: more than 520 publications (starting in 1965) in several international, refereed journals and as chapters of specialists volumes (more than 130 in the last five years.)

3) Selected Publications

1. F.A. Gianturco
Inner-electron rearrangement in the Hartree-Fock scheme.
J. Phys. B, 1(1968), 1011

2. F.A. Gianturco, C.A. Coulson
Influence of chemical substitution on Carbon-ls electrons: The fluorinated methanes.
Mol. Phys., 18(1970), 607

3. F.A. Gianturco
On the scattering of slow protons by diatomic targets.
Int. J. Quantum Chem. 10, (1976), 37.

4. F.A. Gianturco
Numerical tabulation of ion-atom potentials relevant to ionic mobilities: an approach based on the electron gas model.
J. Chem. Phys. 73 (1976), 527.

5. F.A. Gianturco
A new version of a program calculating the static interaction potential between an electron and a diatomic molecule.
Comp. Phys. Comm., 11, (1976), 237.

6. F.A. Gianturco
Molecular energy transfer in low energy collisions: interplay of theory and experiments.
In: Trends in Physics, L.A. Dorobantu Ed., (EPS, Editors, Geneva, 1982), p. 327.

7. F.A. Gianturco
Electron-molecule scattering at low energies: relations between dynamics and structure.
In: Trends in Quantum Chemistry P.O. Lowdin Ed. (Reidel Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1982) p. 155.

8. F.A. Gianturco
Computational tests of potential energy surfaces from dynamical properties.
In: New theoretical concepts for Chemical Reactions J. Bertran Ed. (D. Reidel Publ., Dordrecht, 1988) p. 257

9. F.A. Gianturco, N. Sanna and S. Sema
Quantum and classical calculations of transport and relaxation cross sections in He-CO mixtures
J. Chem. Phys. 98(1993) 3833

10. A Grandi, F.A. Gianturco, N. Sanna
H Desorption from Uracil via Metastable Electron Capture
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93 (2004) 048103-1/4

11. T. Nishimura and F.A. Gianturco Virtual state formation in positron scattering from vibrating molecules: A gateway to annihilation enhancement
Phys. Rev. Lett. 90 (2003) 1832l—1/4

12. F. Paesani, A. Viel, F.A. Gianturco and K.Whaley
Transition from molecular complex to Quantum Solvation in 4 HeN OCS Phys. Rev. Lett., 90 (2003) 073401-1/4

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