The items labelled with capital letters refer to Categories of Major Works, whereas those numbered (1-10) are the individual works.

A. Volumes authored: a total of 7 volumes of which the following 4 have been selected:

1) Stradella “uomo di gran grido” , Pisa 2008
2) Alessandro Stradella (1639-1682): His Life and Music , Oxford 1994
3) Alessandro Stradella (1639-1682): A Thematic Catalogue of His Compositions (with E. McCrickard), New York 1991
4) Mozart’s Early Operas, London 1981

B. Editions: a total of 30 editions with C. Gianturco as initiator of each project and General Editor of all volumes of which the following 2 series have been selected:

5) Edizione Nazionale del’Opera Omnia di Alessandro Stradella under the auspices of the Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali (decree: D.M. 8.III.2000) of the Italian Government, 11 vols. of the projected 42 published thus far, Pisa 2000 on going (vol. 11 in 2011)
6) The Italian Cantata in the Seventeenth Century, 16 vols., New York 1985-1987
Facsimiles of Manuscripts and Prints of 404 Works by Leading Composers. Each volume includes an edition of the poetic texts and a music-historical introduction

C. Articles: a total of 48 ( not including 165 encyclopedia entries) of which the following 4 have been selected:

7) Cristina di Svezia scenarista per Alessandro Stradella, Atti dei Convegni Lincei, 138, 1998, 45-69
8) “Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno”: Four Case-Studies in Determining Italian Poetic-Musical Genres, “Journal of the Royal Musical Association”, 119, 1994, 43-59
9) “Cantate spirituali e morali”, with a Description of the Papal Sacred Cantata Tradition for Christmas 1676-1740, Music & Letters, 73,1992, 1-31
10) The Revisions of Alessandro Stradella’s “Forza dell’amor paterno”, “Journal of The American Musicological Society”, xxv, 1972, 407-427

D. Entries in international dictionaries and encyclopedias: a total of 165 from 1980 to 2001.


In addition to the daily work on the Edizione Nazionale of Stradella’s music (one volume being edited and published in each of the years 2000-2011), volumes in the series founded and edited by C. Gianturco, Studi Musicali Toscani, also continue to appear, among which:

  • Carolyn Gianturco - Patrizia Radicchi, Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi, Musicista italiano del Settecento europeo, Pisa 2009
  • Laura Venturini, Frammenti musicali di pergamena all’Archivio di Stato di Lucca: storia e catalogo degli antifonari, Pisa 2008

Other recent publications, by C. Gianturco alone, include:
  • Musica e Teatro a Pisa nella seconda metà dell’Ottocento, in Pisa unita nelle arti, ed. Stefano Bruni, Florence 2011: chapter 11, 107-114
  • The When and How of Arioso in Stradella’s Cantatas, in Aspects of the Baroque Cantata, ed. Michael Talbot, Aldershot (GB), 2009: chapter 1, 1-25
  • Christian Joseph Lidarti: Crossing Borders in the Eighteenth Century, in Musicus Discologus 2 [Festschrift for Carlo Marinelli]], Pisa 2007, 367-380
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