Elio Giamello - Biography#

Elio Giamello has been Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Torino (one of the largest University in Italy with about 70000 students) since 1999. At this University, in the recent past, he was Director of the PhD School in Science and High Technology for six years and Head of the Department of Chemistry for three years.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been working in the field of solid state and surface chemistry with particular attention to metal oxide-based materials. In this area, he has developed the applications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), a magnetic spectroscopy suited to investigate paramagnetic and radical centers present in the bulk and/or at the surface. In the 80s he had a one-year post doctoral experience in Paris VI University, where he was welcome as invited professor in 1994 and 2005.

He has been President of GIRSE (the Italian Group of EPR spctroscopy) for four years (2011-2014) and he will be the Chair of the Xth Conference of the European federation of EPR Groups to be held in Torino in 2016.

Elio Giamello is now leading a team at the University of Torino. The main focus of his research has been to investigate the properties of paramagnetic centres at the surface (defects, reactive intermediates, transition metal centres) and/or in the bulk of oxides (be they bare, doped or mixed). Since ca 2000, he got interested in bare and modified photoactive systems based on oxides, with particular attention to systems activated by visible light. This lead him to synthesize novel and promising photocatalytic oxide-based systems such as doped zirconium dioxide.

Giamello has cooperated with several groups not only in Italy but also in Europe (France, Poland, Austria, UK), America (notably US) and Asia (Japan, in particular). He is a member of several national and international networks.

He has been very active in teaching different courses in his University but also abroad as Invited Professor. He has also often taught at Advanced Schools both in Italy and abroad.

He has been the supervisor of numerous undergraduate and PhD students.

Elio Giamello has been a prolific writer, publishing his work in Journals and Books at the highest level (see impact factors of journals § *2.1).

According to the Web of Science (March 2016), he has published 238 papers in journals classified by ISI, leading to 8873 citations, with 37.3 citations per paper, leading to an h-index = 49.
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