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Walter van Gerven is on the board of several scientific committees and international journals. He is the founder and General editor of the series of Casebooks on the Common law of Europe (Hart Publishing Oxford) and the author of several books amongst which the leading textbook in Dutch on European competition law, and an essay on The European Union: a Polity of States and Peoples (Stanford University Press and Hart Publishing Oxford (2005). He has written numerous articles in Dutch, English and French on mainly European and comparative law.

CCLE Related Publications


  • W. van Gerven, "Codifying European private law? Yes, if!", European Law Review, 2002, 156-176.
  • W. van Gerven, "Comparative Law in a European regionally integrated context" in: A. Harding and E.
  • W. van Gerven, "Substantive Remedies for the private Enforcement of EC Antitrust Rules before National Courts" in: J. Stuyck and H. Gilliams, Modernisation of European Competition law, 2002, Intersentia, Antwerpen, p. 93-136 (in: Leuven CCLE series - Volume 2).

  • W. van Gerven, "A Common Law for Europe: the Future meeting the Past?", European Review for Private Law, 2001, 485-503.

  • W. van Gerven, "Comparative Law in a texture of Communitarization of national law and Europeanization of Community law", in: D. O
  • W. van Gerven, "Constitutional conditions for a Public Prosecutor"
  • W. van Gerven, "Enforcing Community Rights in national courts: the remedies of Compensation, Interim relief and Restitution" in: Internationales Privatrecht im Binnenmarkt: Europ
  • W. van Gerven, "Guest Editorial: Ethical and political responsibility of EU Commissioners", C.M.L.R. 37, 2000, 1-6.
  • W. van Gerven, "Managing the European Union: for better or for worse" in: B.S. Markesinis (ed.), The Clifford Chance Millennium Lectures. Coming together of the Common Law and the Civil Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2000, p. 91-104.
  • W. van Gerven, "Of Rights, Remedies and Procedures", in: C.M.L.R. 37, 2000, 501-536.
  • W. van Gerven, J. Lever and P. Larouche, Cases, materials and text on national, supranational and international Tort Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2000, xcix, 969 p.

  • W. van Gerven, "From Communitarisation of National Tort Rules to Europeanisation of Community Tort Law: The Invader Invaded" in: Auslegung europ
  • W. van Gerven, "The Effect of Proportionality on the Actions of Member States of the European Community: National Viewpoints from Continental Europe" in The Principle of Proportionality in the Laws of Europe, 1999, Hart Publishing, Oxford, p. 37-63.
  • W. van Gerven, "The invader invaded or the need to uncover general principles common to the laws of the Member States" in: G.C. Rodriguez Iglesias (ed.), Mélanges en hommage à Fernand Schockweiler (Baden-Baden 1999).

  • W. van Gerven, "Mutual Permeation of Public and Private Law at the National and Supranational Level", Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, 1998, vol. 5, 7-24.

  • W van Gerven, "The ECJ's case law as a means of unification of Private Law", Fordham International Law Journal, 1997, 680-698 (also published in: European Review of Private Law, 1998, 293-307 and in: A. Hartkamp e.a. (eds.) Towards a European Civil Code, 2nd. ed., 1998, p. 91-104).
  • W. van Gerven, "Coherence of Community and national laws. Is there a legal basis for a European Civil Code?", European Review of Private Law, 1997, vol. 5, 465-469.
  • W. van Gerven, "Community and National Legislators, Regulators, Judges, Academics and Practitioners: Living together apart?" B.S. Markesinis (ed.), Law Making, Law Shaping, Law Funding, Clifford Chance Lectures, Vol. II, Oxford, 1997, 13-35.
  • W. van Gerven, "The ECJ's Recent case-law in the field of Tort Liability. Towards a European Ius Commune?" in: Jansen, Koster en Van Zutphen (eds.), European Ambitions of the National Judiciary, 1997, 91-110 (also published in: N. Reich, R. Heinz-Marnik (eds.), Umweltverfassung und nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Europäischen Union.
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