Judit Gervain - Publications#

10 selected publications out of 51 peer-reviewed articles and 18 book chapters (asterisk indicates student/post doc co-author.)

1. Gervain, J., Geffen, M. N. 2018. “Efficient Neural Coding in Auditory and Speech Perception”. Trends in Neurosciences.

2. Gervain, J. in press. “The role of prenatal experience in language development”. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.

3. Varnet, L., Ortiz-Barajas, M. C., Guevara Erra, R., Gervain, J., Lorenzi, Ch. 2017. “A cross-linguistic study of speech modulation spectra.” JASA. 142(4): 1976-1989.

4. Benavides Varela S., Gervain, J. 2017. “Learning word order at birth: A NIRS study”. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. 25: 198-208.

5. Abboub, N., Nazzi, Th., Gervain, J. 2016. “Prosodic grouping at birth”. Brain and Language. 162: 46-59.

6. Toro Soto, J. M., Nespor, M., Gervain, J. 2015. “Detection of frequency by non human animals”. Cognition. 146: 1–7.

7. Gervain, J. & J. Werker. 2013. “Tuned to Grammar: Prosody Cues Word Order in Bilingual Infants.” Nature Communications, 4:1490
-72 citations

8. Gervain, J., J. Mehler, J. F. Werker, C. A. Nelson, G. Csibra, S. Lloyd-Fox, M. Shukla, & R. N. Aslin. 2011. “Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: A report from the McDonnell infant methodology consortium”. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 1(1): 22-46.
-156 citations

9. Gervain, J. & J. Mehler. 2010. “Speech Perception and Language Acquisition in the First Year of Life”. Annual Review of Psychology, 61:24.2-21
-177 citations

10. Gervain, J., Macagno, F., Cogoi, S., Peña, M. & Mehler, J. 2008. “The neonate brain extracts speech structure”. PNAS, 105(37): 14222-14227.
-284 citations

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