Daniel Gerlich - Selected Publications#

M. Mitter, C. Gasser, Z. Takacs, C. C. H. Langer, W. Tang, G. Jessberger, C. T. Beales, E. Neuner, S. L. Ameres, J.-M. Peters, A. Goloborodko, R. Micura, Daniel W. Gerlich. Conformation of sister chromatids in the replicated human genome. Nature 586(7827): 139-144. (2020)

S. Cuylen-Haering, M. Petrovic, A. Hernandez-Armendariz, M.W. G. Schneider, M. Samwer, C. Blaukopf, L.J. Holt, D.W. Gerlich. Chromosome clustering by Ki-67 excludes cytoplasm during nuclear assembly. Nature 587(7833): 285-290. (2020)

M. Samwer, M.W.G. Schneider, R. Hoefler, P.S. Schmalhorst, J.G. Jude, J. Zuber, D.W. Gerlich. DNA cross-bridging shapes a single nucleus from a set of mitotic chromosomes. Cell 170(5): 956-972.e23. (2017)

B.E. Mierzwa, N. Chiaruttini, L. Redondo-Morata, J.M. von Filseck, J. König, J. Larios, I. Poser, T. Müller-Reichert, S. Scheuring, A. Roux, D.W. Gerlich. Dynamic subunit turnover in ESCRT-III assemblies is regulated by Vps4 to mediate membrane remodelling during cytokinesis. Nat Cell Biol. 19(7): 787-798. (2017)

S. Cuylen, C. Blaukopf, A. Z. Politi, T. Müller-Reichert, B. Neumann, I. Poser, J. Ellenberg, A. A. Hyman, D. W. Gerlich. Ki-67 acts as a biological surfactant to disperse mitotic chromosomes. Nature 535(7611): 308-12. (2016)

A. E. Dick and D. W. Gerlich. Kinetic framework of spindle assembly checkpoint signaling. Nature Cell Biol. 15(11): 1370-77. (2013)

J. Guizetti, L. Schermelleh, J. Mäntler, S. Maar, I. Poser, H. Leonhardt, T. Müller-Reichert, and D. W. Gerlich. Helices of ESCRT-III-dependent filaments in a cortical constriction mechanism of abscission. Science 331(6024): 1616-20. (2011)

M. H. A. Schmitz, M. Held, V. Janssens, J. R. A. Hutchins, O. Hudecz, E. Ivanova, J. Goris, L. Trinkle-Mulcahy, A. I. Lamond, I. Poser, A. A. Hyman, K. Mechtler, J.-M. Peters, and D. W. Gerlich. Live imaging RNAi screen identifies PP2A-B55α and Importin β1 as key mitotic exit regulators in human cells. Nature Cell Biol. 12(9): 886-93. (2010)

M. Held, M. H. A. Schmitz, B. Fischer, T. Walter, B. Neumann, B. H. Olma, M. Peter, J. Ellenberg, and D. W. Gerlich. CellCognition: time-resolved phenotype annotation in high-throughput live cell imaging. Nature Methods 7(9): 747-54. (2010)

P. Steigemann, M. Schmitz, C. Wurzenberger, J. Guizetti, M. Held, S. Maar, and D. W. Gerlich. Aurora B-mediated abscission checkpoint protects against tetraploidization. Cell 136(3): 473-84. (2009)

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Citations: 12,671
H-index: 54
i10 index: 74

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